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July 2016 Newsletter

July 8, 2016

Hello, Fiends! July is bringing the hot this summer. A hot that fuels tempers, skimpy clothing, and madness. Go on, give yourself over to the will of Sol Invictus and go crazy from the heat.Have questions? Need answers? Send us a note at The Grand Guignol of Paris is Here to Shock You!   Feral House is […]

The Rules

July 1, 2016

These creepy-crazy political days, we’re reminded of Feral House books that remark upon the murder, theft and lies that occurred under both Republican and Democrat Party administrations. I’m thinking of The Octopus, Psychic Dictatorship, War Is a Racket, Packing Inferno, The Essential Mae Brussell and Why Bother — all Feral House titles that bring out […]