Black Metal

Evolution of the Cult

Dayal Patterson



“There are already some superlative books published on black metal… But none have documented the genre so comprehensively, with such detail.” Decibel Magazine

“It is an extremely diligent and well-informed publication that leaves almost nothing out of the history of the genre, containing many previously unreported facts and stories. This is no lazy collection of old interviews thrown together in haste. It is a modern masterpiece of the declining art of music journalism.”  Vice

An epic 500+ page tome exploring the history and development of black metal from its beginnings in the early 1980s to the present day. Featuring dozens of interviews with and material from the most significant protagonists, integral bands, iconic photographers and hangers-on of the time. The book also includes a wealth of previously unpublished images.

Has Black Metal, in all its current interpretations, finally breached the mainstream with its inclusion in Goldfrapp videos, cross-globe exposure, cumulating in televised parodies?

Despite a history of association with and blatant demonstration of criminal activity, black metal has become Norway’s biggest cultural export, earning it support from the government itself.




Girls of '60s French Pop

Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe
Foreword by Lio


“…finally the country’s female-side of ’60s pop has been given its very own English-language bible” – Cha Cha Charming Yé-Yé is a delightful style of pop music featuring young female singers that influenced France and many other countries, as says Susan Sontag, with its particular “camp” style throughout the 1960s. Yé-Yé pop had secondary explosions […]


Financial Vipers of Venice

Alchemical Money, Magical Physics, and Banking in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Joseph P. Farrell

$14.95 — $19.95

In this sequel to Joseph P. Farrell’s Babylon’s Banksters, the banksters have moved from Mesopotamia via Rome to Venice. There they manipulated popes and bullion prices, clipped coins, sacked Constantinople, destroyed rival Florence, waged war, burned “heretics,” and suppressed hidden secrets threatening their financial supremacy . . . until Giordano Bruno and Christopher Columbus broke the […]


White House Call Girl

The Real Watergate Story

Phil Stanford

$4.99 — $17.95

Print Edition Coming Soon! Heidi Rikan was an ex-stripper, working for the mob in Washington D.C.  White House Call Girl tells how a call girl operation she was running at the time led to the Watergate break-in, which brought down Tricky Dick Nixon himself. If soft curves and round, plump nipples offend your sense of historical propriety, just […]


Larceny Games

Sports Gambling, Game Fixing and the FBI

Brian Tuohy, author of The Fix Is In

$13.95 — $18.95

The NFL is a $10 billion-a-year business with prominent government and corporate ties—CBS, NBC/GE, Disney/ESPN, and FOX to name a few. As the late broadcaster Howard Cosell wrote in 1985, “The NFL, you see, monitors and collects just about everything that is written about it in newspapers and magazines and said about it on radio […]