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Feral House, Process Media, WTF?

June 19, 2015

Here inside the isolated but prodigious caverns of Feral House headquarters, our pygmy-sized workers cogitate, scribble, and work phones to create books we hope that people far yonder feel are important and interesting enough to possess. Sometimes, though, we become so focused on the minutiae of putting books together that we forget that the ultimate […]

Monsters Next Door

June 12, 2015

Are y’all familiar with “The War Nerd”? It might be the most brilliant column available. Do yourself a favor and Google it.  “War Nerd” is written under the pseudonym Gary Brecher, whose actual name is John Dolan, the co-author (with Alternet’s Jan Frel) of Feral House’s first and only children’s book, Neighbors From Hell: An […]