Pulp Macabre

The Art of Lee Brown Coye's Final and Darkest Era

Edited by Mike Hunchback and Caleb Braaten

American Grotesque

The Life and Art of William Mortensen

Edited by Larry Lytle and Michael Moynihan
Essays by Larry Lytle, William Mortensen and A.D. Coleman

The Command To Look

A Master Photographer’s Method for Controlling the Human Gaze

William Mortensen, George Dunham
Essays by Michael Moynihan and Larry Lytle

Caught In The Crossfire

Kerry Thornley, Lee Oswald and the Garrison Investigation

Adam Gorightly

The Essential Mae Brussell

Investigations of Fascism in America

Mae Brussell
Edited by Alex Constantine
Introduction by Paul Krassner

The Secret Life of a Satanist

The Authorized Biography of Anton LaVey
Revised Edition

Blanche Barton

Citizen Keane

The Big Lies Behind the Big Eyes

Adam Parfrey and Cletus Nelson

Republican Party Animal

The "Bad Boy of Holocaust History" Blows the Lid Off Hollywood's Secret Right-Wing Underground

David Cole


HAARP, and the “Full Spectrum Dominance” of Planet Earth

Elana Freeland

Black Metal

Evolution of the Cult

Dayal Patterson

Yé-Yé! Girls

of '60s French Pop

Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe
Foreword by Lio

Financial Vipers of Venice

Alchemical Money, Magical Physics, and Banking in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Joseph P. Farrell