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My Carrot has a Monocle and Top Hat


I do wonder at times why I find planting and tending vegetables so satisfying. Of course, there’s the psychological virtues of having one’s hands in the soil, the feeling of groundedness, and all that. If I refer to the bible I discover that Genesis has verses about the barren Rachel becoming pregnant as the result […]

Who is David Cole?


The first time I met David Cole, he was making an appearance on a Montel Williams talk show with a fellow Holocaust Revisionist (they weren’t yet called “Holocaust Deniers”), arguing against antagonistic Holocaust survivors. I covered the event for my “HelL.A.” column for the San Diego Reader, being particularly curious why this young Jew got […]

Hollywood Conservatives Claim IRS ‘Harassment’ … Documents Show They Were Gaming the System


Last week Alternet ran an exclusive we wrote detailing new information in the saga of the IRS and the Friends of Abe. The story was picked up by Raw Story, In These Times, Truth Out, and Crooks and Liars. You can see the original Alternet article here and read the contents below… Hollywood Conservatives Claim IRS ‘Harassment’ … […]

The Amazing Alejandro Jodorowsky


Jodorowsky’s Dune, the new and great documentary, reveals how one man galvanized other geniuses to dream and think larger, put down everything else in their lives, and join forces with him to create the kind of film meant to change everybody’s life in the manner of a psychedelic experience. Alejandro Jodorowsky and his fellow “spiritual warriors” never […]

What is Feral House?


It becomes difficult at times. How does one explain to friends, relatives, and countrymen that Feral House does not always endorse the ideas or individuals behind the books it publishes. A number of our titles trespass proper moral turpitude, or as West’s Encyclopedia of American Law puts it, “conduct that is considered contrary to community […]