Feral Friday


1963 Televised

Lee Marvin Show  2

I just discovered a Radio Annual Television Year Book of 1963, a bulky 1,265 page volume listing the country’s radio and television stations featuring adverts placed by agents, performers, stations, ad agencies, and even notable shows, such as The Lee Marvin Show, as seen above. A nearby secondhand store priced it at $8, as if it […]

A few Feral Processian updates

blackmetal cover

The must-see Source Family documentary opened at IFC this week after a series of amazing events in New York including a night of Source Family home movies, an afternoon of meditation, white magick, and holistic food and numerous Q&A’s with Electricity and Isis Aquarian, original Source members. If you are in New York City, San […]

A Skeptic Blows Minds at Dragoncon


We are beginning a new series for our weekly blog in which we sporadically offer guest writings by Process Media and Feral House authors. Here is the first in the series by Feral author Mark Edward. See his book HERE. By Guest Feral Friday Blogger Mark Edward: “Dragoncon 2012 was an absolute blast this year. […]

Amy Wallace RIP


In recent weeks we spoke of Mick Farren–who wrote the Feral House book Speed! Speed! Speedfreak!–taking the final flight from planet earth…and in the past year the departures of Feral House authors Thomas Naylor (Secession: How Vermont and all the Other States Can Save Themselves from the Empire) and Nick Johnson (Big Dead Place), and before that Harry […]

Announcing Hipster Hitler and other summer updates!

HipsterHitler excerpt

It has already been a busy summer here at Feral House and Process Media getting ready for our numerous Fall releases, one of which, we are happy to announce is a print version of the hit web-comic Hipster Hitler. You can see more information and an excerpt below! A few other updates: Skepticality.com did an interview with […]



by Kenn Thomas The idea for this blog began with the proposition that Republican control of the White House is only two bullets away. Take Obama and Biden down and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican John Boehner, gets the job. For readers who might think the scenario unlikely or even outrageous, the blog would ask that they […]

Attraction Attracts


The pitch began in 2006 and levitated as the result of viral online videos, word of mouth through yoga classes, and appearances on Oprah. The dissatisfied were open to being sold on the idea of how they could become happy and procure all they ever wanted. The Secret, perhaps the hugest marketing phenomenon of modern […]

Banned Books Week


According to the Banned Books Week website, this is  ”the national book community’s annual celebration of the freedom to read. Hundreds of libraries and bookstores around the country draw attention to the problem of censorship by mounting displays of challenged books and hosting a variety of events.” The “banned books” discussed on this website primarily focus […]

Bat Signal


Political analysts say that a majority of Gotham City’s men and women realized that candidate Anthony Weiner had the most specially endowed wiener of them all. “Now that I’m mayor, I want for all residents of Gotham City,” said mayor Weiner, “to be able to touch and admire my penis.” The first order of business […]

Beast Wishes

ritual america 330

Green Apple, Other Cinema, yes, San Francsco—here we come. Tonight—that is Friday March 29th at 7 pm—I’ll be speaking about the Process Media book co-written with Maja D’Aoust, The Secret Source, and also about Ritual America: Secret Brotherhoods and Their Inflence In American Society, A Visual Guide (co-written by Craig Heimbichner) in a visually-enhanced presentation. Find further information on […]

Behold the Impure – A Feral Tour


First stop of the Feral House tour takes place at Powell’s Bookstore on West Burnside, Portland on Thursday May 3. Adam Parfrey will give a visually enhanced talk about secret brotherhoods and Ritual America at 7 pm, and Peter Sotos will discuss his time with Jamie Gillis and the production of his collaborative Pure Filth book that just arrived from the […]

Big Coincidence


They are the strangest set of coincidences. Back in the early ’90s, Feral House released Nightmare of Ecstasy: The Life and Art of Edward D. Wood, Jr. written by Rudolph Grey and edited by yours truly. After its release the book received a feature story / review in Time magazine, and soon after that I started to […]

Big Eyes


Talk about coincidences. Here’s a few. After Feral House released Nightmare of Ecstasy: The Life and Art of Edward D. Wood, Jr., in 1992, many readers got quite excited. Practically nothing was actually known about Wood’s life; author Rudolph Grey spent more than a decade tracking down the amazing stories, and I helped Rudolph stitch them […]


Holiday Special Logo

We are excited to announce the commencement of our annual winter holiday sale. Buy any two books from Feral House and get a FREE book of your choice! (Book must be of equal or lesser value to the least expensive book). Offer good until January 1, 2011. How to order your free book: 1. Add two […]

Billions and Billions of Books


I’ve been asked, from time to time: what do I think of publishing at a time when anyone can sign up with Amazon or other companies, and get their work printed up and sold online resembling quasi-legitimate books. My answer: right on, and good luck! Thinking back to the ‘80s when we first published books […]

Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult


Back in late 1997, when Feral House issued Lords of Chaos and an edition of Burzum’s recording Filosofem, black metal was considered totally obscure. “We’re going to try to sell this book as True Crime; no one has ever heard about this form of music” said our distributor to us. Initial orders were paltry. And […]



After much anticipation our newest title Blood Beneath My Feet: The Journey of a Southern Death Investigator is HERE! While the book officially drops on July 3rd and is only available for pre-order at Books-A-Million, Consortium Books, Walmart.com, Sam’s Book Club, and Amazon, you can now order the books from Feral House directly and we […]

Book Sales and Author Signings at the Esoteric and Brooklyn Book Fairs


Hey Feral fans friends and fiends, this month we will be attending 2 great book fairs and offering discounts, rare editions of books and author appearances. See more information below.   ESOTERIC BOOK CONFERENCE SEPTEMBER 14TH AND 15TH SEATTLE CENTER More information at the event website here. The Esoteric Book Conference features international presentations, an […]

Chomsky Doesn’t Care Day


Noam Chomsky, the “father of modern linguistics,” has spent most of his career at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), writing books critical of American foreign policy and state propaganda. Today, the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Chomsky has ridiculed “irrational” interest in the killing of John F. Kennedy, as he […]

Crazy Eyes


Karen Black was always a memory. For me, the actress represented the ’70s, not just the movies of the ’70s, but the entirety of the decade itself. The strangeness of if. The craziness of it. The momentary voluptuousness of it. Karen Black, the centerpiece of the poster for a film that disturbed my ’70s dreams, Day […]

Crystal Balls, Psychic Scamsters, and a few dead bodies…


Two exciting announcements for this Feral Friday: PSYCHIC BLUES IS NOW ON SALE! Feral House’s newest release comes to you from Mark Edward, a professional mentalist who specializes in magic of the mind. In his book Psychic Blues: Confessions of a Conflicted Medium he comes clean about his years of exploiting believers and reveals the methods of […]

Danger Year

catalog cover

As you know, many people believe that December 2012 is The End. The Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses haven’t bought into that date, so why should we? The  2012 catalogues for Feral House and Process Media prove that we are optimistic enough to believe that technology will not totally fail, and that people will […]

Digging Graves

Mystic Sons of Morris Graves' seance

Morris Graves was the best stuff the Pacific Northwest had to offer… unorthodox mysticism, outrageous humor, distrust of the “scene,”  attachment to the area’s beauty and austerity.   If you don’t know this master of the “Northwest Mystics School,” now’s the time to get acquainted.   Process Media has just released Morris Graves: His Houses, His […]

eBook Collusion


The Department of Justice served Apple and a few actual publishers with a suit on eBook price-fixing charges. Here’s the point of view from a small publisher: The “collusion” accusation mystifies us. We’ve always been at the short end of the deal, and told what to do by the big gorillas in the room, Amazon […]

Fall Time Feral Updates


Season’s Greetings! The Fall Equinox is upon us this Sunday and Feral House will be spending it at the Brooklyn Book Fair along with some of our authors, including Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and the authors of Hipster Hitler. You can see more details about the event below. RSVP to the Facebook event HERE. Our new release Larceny […]

Far Fuckin’ Out


We are not here in physical form on this planet very long. What do we do and what do we learn while occupying these bodies of ours? In the late ’60s and early ’70s particularly, fellow souls explored the WTF and What Is It?, and often attached themselves to a larger group of explorers for […]

Feral and Process June at Stories Bookstore


Echo Park. Sunset Blvd. We spent some of our best days in Los Angeles near there. Now the groovy bookstore Stories has dedicate the month of june to celebrate both Feral House and Process Media. From their storiesla.com website: “For the month of JUNE we’re dedicating a portion of the store to highlight the titles of FERAL […]



EXCITING NEWS FOR SAN FRANCISCO AND THE MIDWEST! 10/10/12 LITQUAKE EVENT IN SAN FRANCISCO “Join Litquake for an extraordinary literary evening with Adam Parfrey, writer, publisher, and proprietor of the Feral House and Process Media imprints. Among his many influential titles are Lords of Chaos, Nightmare of Ecstasy(which became a film by Tim Burton), and the classic Apocalypse Culture, […]

Feral Goes Esoteric


This is the third year Feral House has participated in Seattle’s Esoteric Book Conference, showcasing “authors, artists, publishers and bookmakers working in the field of esotericism.”

Feral House and Process Lupercalia Party!

Feral House/Process Lupercalia Party

  Celebrate Wolves, Yé-Yé Girls, Witches, Feral House & Process Media! It’s a full moon on Saturday, February 15, the day celebrating the Roman wolf festival Lupercalia. It’s also the perfect night to celebrate Feral House’s new Yé-Yé Girls of ‘60s French Pop book, and Feral House and Process Media’s releases for the new year. The lovely white […]

Funnyman gallery show at American Jewish Museum


Feral House’s collection of original Funnyman comic storyboards will be going on display for the first time at the American Jewish Museum in Pittsburg. Read more about the Feral House publication Siegel and Shuster’s Funnyman here. Read the director of AJM’s introduction here: AJM_Funnyman_Activity_Sheet Read more about the exhibit below! Super Silly! Superman Creators’ Funnyman Fights […]

Gaining Satisfaction


Mass culture is all about grabbing others’ ideas, research and hard work, and rebranding it for yourself with the help of attorneys. Look at Dan Brown, who ransacked Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh’s book, The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, for his multi-billion dollar novel, The DaVinci Code. Yes, this is the way of […]

Gene Autry and Loose Bowels


Before we get into our Feral Friday discourse today we’d like to extend big thanks to Billy Shire, Tricia Fetters, Lee Joseph, and Matt Kennedy of Soap Plant / La Luz de Jesus in Los Feliz for hosting such a great event for Feral House this past week. It was great to meet so many friend, see […]

Get Your Pitchfork On! is born.


My friends, as many of you know, Kristy Athens’ Get Your Pitchfork On! is in the world! This release has come to you from our sister company Process Media and if you are unfamiliar the book gives urbanites the practical tools they need to realize their own dreams of getting away from it all, with the basics of home, farm, […]

Getting Raw


Have you ever noticed that raw foodists are slim and filled with energy? Is this a fact, or a simple coincidence about the type of person drawn to the raw food regime? Why is it that I so rarely hear raw foodies complain of being tired? Are they a cult? The raw food consumers I […]

Going Nuclear


Today’s Feral Friday, penned by Percy Bysshe Shelley (not), examines the parallel of states that almost go nuclear, and romantic relationships that let loose the bomb of no return. Both are the result of resentments, distrust, misunderstandings and failed diplomacy. A false equivalence, perhaps sociopathic, you say. One brings down the planet, the other a single […]

Have Parfrey, Will Travel

have gun

Have Gun, Will Travel, the late ’50s-early ’60s television show starring Richard Boone as Paladin, the dandyish liquored-up wild west badass for hire.   Toy stores sold plastic replicas of Paladin’s Colt revolver, and the gun manufacturer itself peddled replicas of the famous wood-handled revolver.   Paladin’s suggestive calling card was part of the opening […]

Hollywood Calls

stepin fetchit

Most of the year we reside near Port Townsend, WA, where the Juan de Fuca Strait connects with Puget Sound. It’s lovely and peaceful, and we grow vegetables and all sorts of berries. This year we’ve decided to spend winter in chaos Central near Hollywood Blvd. soaking up rare Winter sunshine and meeting with old […]

Hollywood Conservatives Claim IRS ‘Harassment’ … Documents Show They Were Gaming the System


Last week Alternet ran an exclusive we wrote detailing new information in the saga of the IRS and the Friends of Abe. The story was picked up by Raw Story, In These Times, Truth Out, and Crooks and Liars. You can see the original Alternet article here and read the contents below… Hollywood Conservatives Claim IRS ‘Harassment’ … […]

Homestead tips from Feral Acres!


Summer is officially in full swing out here at Feral Acres! Last year our Raspberry bush produced multiple pie-loads with left overs to share and this year the sucker is even more fruitful. It is also proving difficult to keep up with all of our lettuces and kale, though this is not the worst problem […]



The political season is in full swing, and it seems that many people have their blinders, or hoodwinks, on. Partisan hoodwinks. One fellow I know, who at one time created extraordinary videos for an odd group of avant-garde musicans, today persists on repeating Fox-TV / Republican Party talking points on his Facebook page. His videos […]

How hip is Hitler?


Combine the two most hated memes of modern times, and you get “Hipster Hitler,” the delightful online comic that will now appear in book format, and it’s just getting back from the printer. (You’ll be able to purchase Hipster Hitler from the Feral House website weeks before it’s available on Amazon.com.) You can see the […]

I Heart Conspiracy Theories


Feral House has been open to publishing unorthodox–some say wacky–”conspiracy theories.” Initially, it didn’t matter so much whether these ideas were always “truth” as much as their ways of stimulating thought and imagination by presenting different perspectives of how the world worked. I Heart Conspiracy Theory because it opens the mind from the usual propaganda […]

Ignore the Hanging Bodies, Tourists

Ciudad Juarez

From Latino.foxnews.com: “Juarez is returning to maps featuring attractions for visitors to the U.S.-Mexico border region around El Paso after two years of being excluded due to a wave of drug-related violence.” “‘Ciudad Juarez should never have been excluded from the tourist map of El Paso since it’s our main trade partner and we are all […]

Is Secession Really Batshit Crazy?


Just four years ago, when the George W. Bush presidency brought on two wars and endless corruption,  Feral House published Thomas H. Naylor’s book, Secession: How Vermont and All the Other States Can Save Themselves from the Empire. Although the author and Kirkpatrick Sale, who provided the introduction, were essentially more liberal than not, the point […]

JFK’s Acid Trip


We just got through reading and absorbing a fascinating new book,  Mary‘s Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace. Author Peter Janney knows the story first hand, being the son of a leading CIA operative bearing the unusual name Wistar. Photographs reveal that the […]

Killing JFK: The 50th Anniversary Game

Reclaiming Parkland

This Feral Friday does not concern a Feral House publication.   It’s about the book Reclaiming Parkland by James DiEugenio,  now available from the book trade. Skyhorse, its publisher, has done a commendable job publishing many books about the Kennedy assassination, among them the James DiEugenio title, Destiny Betrayed, a revealing tome covering the Jim Garrison trial. Feral House has […]

Lone Krazy Killer(s) for 50 Years


If you believe that the Warren Commission–upon which sat Allen Dulles, the same head of the CIA that JFK fired–had no ulterior motives regarding its conclusion of the assassination of President Kennedy; if you also believe that a mob-affiliated owner of a strip club just happened to be in the right place at the right […]

Lucky Me

from a Nietzsche-influenced photo collage from Exit issue 2 by Adam Parfrey

When my delightful Feral workmates appeared at our offices last week for days of meetings regarding future titles, I both felt lucky and happy. I think the New Age word is “gratitude.” Yes, I’m grateful for the ability to have published 160-200 books in my life, and before that a newsprint magazine (Idea) and also […]

Man A Machine. A Mucus Machine.


Slime. Snail Trails. Mucus by the ton. It makes one wonder. From whence does it all come? How can a single person produce so much of it that it fills multiple shopping bags full of snotty tissues? An acupuncturist once told me that the mucus may not be actually stored in one’s sinuses, but created […]

Mandate, No Woman Date


The Supremes, that vile collection of the creepy, pubic hair obsessed and mentally challenged have spoken. Obamacare presses forward. The question is this: wtf is Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act? Is it really a program that compels all Americans to fill the mega-profitable buckets of health insurance? It’s damn close. See HERE. The neo-con […]

Manson Rises


For the past couple weeks we have been working with the great designer Sean Tejaratchi on the 2012 catalogues for Feral House and Process Media. A huge question was how to fit all the titles and covers into a 16-page Feral House catalogue and 8-page Process Media catalogue.  The answer for the FH catalogue was […]

Meet John F. Kennedy

meet jfk

  Where do books go when they die? You may say the recycling bins or the county dump. But sometimes they make it to the book purgatory.  Maybe they get resold online, or at library sales, where they might be carted away $2 a bag. Perhaps they were left out in front of a used bookstore […]

Moondog Rocked!


What musician roomed with Philip Glass, and had him pick up half-eaten Kentucky Fried Chicken bones in his bedroom? What musician successfully sued Alan “Rock Around the Clock” Freed for exploiting the use of his name? What musician was at times homeless, blind, and dressed up as a Viking on Manhattan’s 6th Avenue? What musician […]

Movie Time


Stuff happens. Little did I expect to be asked to write a screenplay about the John F. Kennedy assassination to debut during the upcoming 50th anniversary. My immediate reaction: “That could be a disaster and a bore, and easily ridiculed. I mean, who wants to see JFK again? After sleeping on it, the idea intrigued me. How […]

Mutant Bible


One of the best things about living in freaky, chaotic Hollywood for a month or two is being able to visit Amoeba Music. Today I leafed through the LPs in the Spoken Word and Christian LPs areas. What a gas. In the Spoken Word section I found several Caedmon LPs. Caedmon was the British firm […]

My Carrot has a Monocle and Top Hat


I do wonder at times why I find planting and tending vegetables so satisfying. Of course, there’s the psychological virtues of having one’s hands in the soil, the feeling of groundedness, and all that. If I refer to the bible I discover that Genesis has verses about the barren Rachel becoming pregnant as the result […]

My Time With Alex Cox


Would I be interested in meeting Alex Cox? The director Alex Cox, whose films influenced young me some decades ago? Yes, I was asked this question by phone one Spring day a couple years ago by Tod Davies, whose enthusiasm drives Exterminating Angel Press, and who is married to Alex Cox. (Tod’s name means “death” […]

Nick Johnson, RIP

Nick Johnson

A close friend and Feral House author, Nick Johnson, also known as Darin and Nicholas, blew his head off with a shotgun in the afternoon of Wednesday November 28 in West Seattle. He’s the guy with the green hat in the attached photo taken by Jodi Wille in our Port Townsend living room back in […]

On the Road

The spooky "opera house" in New Orleans that housed the Parfrey/Morgan show

Traveling city to city, alone, or accompanied by Feral House authors Peter Sotos and Joseph Scott Morgan, the recent Ritual America book tour felt like episodes from the 60s Maysles brothers cinema verité masterpiece, Salesman, about the horrifyingly travails of bible salesmen. The main difference is this: Sotos, Morgan and I were not selling expensive King […]

Party reminder

Feral House/Process Lupercalia Party

  Come over to La Luz de Jesus Gallery at 4633 Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles Saturday night for our annual party! In addition to white witch Maja D’Aoust discussing Lupercalia you will also find many Feral House and Process Media authors, drinks, great Ye Ye music, and sneak peaks at 2014 books we have […]

Photos from our Yé-Yé release party.


Thanks to everyone who came out last week to our fantastic Yé Yé Girls of 60′s French Pop release party at Molasses Books! A very special thanks to Mikey IQ Jones, Sheila B. of Cha Cha Charming and the wonderful April March for spinning so many incredible deep Yé Yé cuts. Thanks again to Matt Win […]


Page example

The backlash has begun. The new Feral House book, Dying for the Truth, consists of new material as well as older but significant posts from the Mexican Drug War blog, Blog Del Narco. This blog is one of the most heavily trafficked in Mexico, and as a result seem to foment a great deal of resentment. Not […]

Planting for Nutrition, an Excerpt from the new Process Title: Shamanic Gardening


We are thrilled to present an excerpt from our sistis imprint Process Media‘s forthcoming title Shamanic Gardening: Timeless Techniques for the Modern Sustainable Garden.   Chapter 4 which can be found and even downloaded below, contains a wealth of information on planting for high-nutrition food.   This excerpt introduces the Moringa, one of the most nutritious […]

Police State


On the day of the death of Christopher Hitchens, who lately became a United States citizen, was the passage of a new law in which any accused American could be jailed for the rest of his or her life without so much as a trial. In his alcohol-laden final decades, the very clever Hitchens, who […]

Prepare yourself, Austin!

04 Brotherhood Gun islam soldiers

Austin, TX, we love you. Yes we do. Filled up the Dobie Theater to its capacity back in ’91 or ’92, and spoke in a stadium mascot uniform. Chicken Little, specifically, since the lecture was about Apocalypse Culture. Frank Kozik did the poster: a Nazi minister with red Shriner clown nose. Twenty years later, we’re […]

Psychic Blues Trailer


Pure Filth


Has it been a decade since Feral House signed up the Jamie Gillis / Peter Sotos collaboration, Pure Filth? Well, yes it has. Power of persuasion convinced me to do this project way back when. And why? Peter Sotos called it a “dogshit” book, and we’ve always wanted to publish dogshit books. It contains transcripts, images […]

Red Men or no Red Men?

1905 Improved Order of Red Men

Now that Ritual America has returned from the printer, Feral Friday will in turn focus on our favorite bits of fraternal weirdness these coming weeks. Pictured above is the Los Gatos, CA branch of The Improved Order of the Red Men in 1905… although these caucasians met as “tribes” in “wigwams” and costumed themselves as Indians, and […]



For One More Week   Hey Feral House and Process Media readers and supporters, Thank you for continuing to support our production of anomalist information. As 2013 crawls towards the grave we wanted to remind you of our holiday sales going on. Until Friday January 3rd you can get three Feral House or Process Media […]

Ritual America and the source family event reminder


Don’t forget to come to this amazing Feral/Process event in Austin. There will be a full moon for this one: Adam Parfrey, Jodi Wille, Isis Aquarian & Electricity Aquarian A reading, presentation and discussion about secret societies, cults, Father Yod, The Source Family and YaHoWa13, The Law of Attraction, sex magic and much more… Thursday, […]

Selling The Mademoiselles


For months, designer Gregg Einhorn and I have been tracking down images to further enhance Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe’s forthcoming book for Feral House, Yé-Yé Girls. Don’t know much about Yé-Yé? Didn’t know it was so big? The French author Deluxe provides a uniquely privileged perspective about this sadly dismissed pop music movement, which was seen and […]

Sex, Lies, and the Dr. Phil show


  Our newest release has gotten some heat lately for exposing the following story about Lindsey Lohan all over the internet this week: “Lindsay goes straight for the toilet, pulling her dress up and sitting (no underwear) and one of her breasts is hanging out the top of the dress. I start to wash my […]

Source Documentary World Premiere!


  This March the SXSW film festival will be world premiering THE SOURCE, the long-awaited documentary on Los Angeles’ fabled cult-commune the Source Family for their Documentary Feature Competition! THE SOURCE is one of only eight films chosen from over 840 to compete for awards. The film was directed by Process Media Co-founder Jodi Wille and commercial director Maria Demopoulos, […]

Suicide Bridge and Jack Parsons

suicide bridge

When in LA, I find it worth visiting ground zero of modern aerospace, in Pasadena, birthplace of John Whiteside Parsons and home to Caltech and Jet Propulsion Laboratory. When he was a child Parsons often visited the nearby bridge on Colorado Blvd with its amazing Beaux-Arts arches, the “suicide bridge.” The bridge invited dozens to take […]

Ted in the News Again


Harvard, there’s no institution higher. My pharmacist grandad gave me his threadbare set of Harvard Classics, a 51 volume set of the basic texts of Western Civilization, to teach me the basics of a liberal education. The current president and his probable Republican competitor were both graduates of the renowned Cambridge MA school. So was […]

The Amazing Alejandro Jodorowsky


Jodorowsky’s Dune, the new and great documentary, reveals how one man galvanized other geniuses to dream and think larger, put down everything else in their lives, and join forces with him to create the kind of film meant to change everybody’s life in the manner of a psychedelic experience. Alejandro Jodorowsky and his fellow “spiritual warriors” never […]

The Art of Narco Terror

9781936239573DFTT Cover

A very disturbing project came to me from a successful writer who wishes to remain anonymous and who ordinarily publishes through a large New York publishing house. In this case, the NY house refused to print it, and he wondered whether Feral House would do so. Though we had in the past published Muerte, a […]

The Double


What a rabbit hole. After fifty freaking years, how can there not be a great fatigue with the Kennedy Assassination? Why can’t people be knocked sensible and believe what the government says, well, at least some of the government, back the Warren Commission and put forward the conspiracy-free story of the assassination of John Kennedy? […]

The first look at Several Ways to Die!

Mexico_City_food image

We are excited to announce that we will be publishing Several Ways to Die in Mexico City, an autobiography by Kurt Hollander, this Fall. We have included a lengthy excerpt from the Food chapter below which details some of the city’s deadliest offerings. First a bit more about the book: A hilarious and harrowing story […]

The Genetic Mutation That Went Horribly Wrong


Several times a month we receive emails or letters meant for the author of a particular Feral House or Process Media book. Just the other day an anonymous reader sent Feral House an email for author Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, and we presume it’s regarding his (and Dr. Scott D. deHart’s) book, Transhumanism: A Grimoire […]

The Great Storyteller Tackles the Conspiracy Theorists Dream


Here is a snippet of the kind words from Richard Marcus in his detailed review of our new title The President and  The Provocateur published on BlogCritics.org, The Seattle PI, and Leap in the Dark. “Depending on who you talk to, JFK was killed because of a communist plot hatched by a combination of KGB and Cuban […]

The Grotesque Murder Scene


A few months ago I received a phone call from a writer of various pop culture bestsellers. This man is so respected by the publishing industry that a major New York publisher has given him his own imprint. As it happened, this multi-billion dollar publishing company refused to print the famous writer’s new property, at […]

The Oscar Party at Don Siegel’s house

Doe (Avedon) Siegel as shot by Richard Avedon

For my family throughout the 60s and early ’70s, The Academy Awards meant party time at the Siegel’s house in Sherman Oaks for a yearly gathering. By the Siegels I mean director Don Siegel (known for Dirty Harry and other Clint Eastwood pictures), and his wife Doe, a model and actress once married to photographer […]

The Persian Dude from Scottsdale


Why would Feral House publish such a book? You mean, the one written by that Iranian dude from Scottsdale, Arizona, land of rich asshats? Yeah dude, what’s up with all that? Are you asking about the guy who does TheDirty.com website? The one that insults women who fuck rich Saudis, get boob jobs and whose thighs […]

The Remembered Odor


Will Amato, god bless him, provided crucial documents to the Feral House book, Lexicon Devil, about Darby Crash and the strange elemental days of LA punk rock. That material consisted of a yearbook to the bizarre, influential alternative program of West LA’s University High School called “IPS”, an odd Scientology/EST program that formatively influenced Germs performers […]

The Seattle Blow-Up Against Charlie Krafft


A city-wide alarm to inoculate do-gooder Seattleites from the moral depravity of artist Charles Krafft is being rung from the towers and issued by The Stranger, Seattle’s hip, politically active, gay-friendly weekly. I’ve been friendly with Mr. Krafft since the mid-’80s when he published the first review of my book Apocalypse Culture when the bigger New York publications […]



The booming trumpet of the Apocalypse? Some weird governmental machination like HAARP? Hoaxers? WTF? Friends were calling my attention to various YouTube posts from various countries that present strange and unsettling boomy and distant sounds. Pranksters love posting things like this to laugh at the gullibility of the public. I now gladly add to this […]

The Weird Get Professional

37,000 Year Old Baby Mammoth

2014 is nearly upon us, and for the first time this Winter, snow covers the ground, muffling all sound. Our dog Loki excitedly rolls himself in the powder; there’s nothing he loves more. We have a view of the sea where the Juan de Fuca Strait runs into Puget Sound, and many islands, both American […]



We are very excited to announce the newest Feral House title Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas by Joseph P. Farrell, PhD, and Scott D. de Hart, PhD.  We are also excited to bring you an excerpt from the book that includes the table of contents and the Introduction, Towers and Topology: The Tower of Babel Moment, […]

Ulterior Motive


A friend called me the other day to tell me that a guy named Mark Dery insulted me in a book titled I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts. Yes, Mark Dery, the guy whose review of Apocalypse Culture for the LA Weekly in the early ’90s was more of a personal insult rather than a critique. And then in 2000 […]

Under Water

Red Hook warehouse560

Feral House had its furtive origins in the most crime-ridden streets of “Between C & D” New York City and Hoboken, New Jersey back in the early to mid-’80s. The buildings in which Amok Press and Exit magazine were created are now partly submerged under polluted seawater. The desperate and ephemeral sense of those streets […]

Voluptuous Panic, the eBook that Apple refuses to sell, is now available from Feral House directly!

voluptuous panic

Voluptuous Panic is the first book we will offer directly from our website in eBook formats fit for most any reader (Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc.). For Apple users this should be exciting news as Steve Jobs banned the Voluptuous Panic eBook for the iPad despite the titles presence in the New York Metropolitan Museum. For […]

Vows of the Vernal Equinox

boyd rice

Spring is here, sprouts are popping through the cold soil, and despite all human attempts to destroy the earth, life has come again. I just flew to the mile high city to celebrate the marriage of Boyd Rice and the lovely Karin Buchbinder. The ceremony took place at the high point of Denver’s weirdness, Casa […]

What do Prostitutes Have to do with Watergate?

from Kathie

You may only have the vaguest idea of the 40-year-old political scandal that brought down the Tricky Dick Nixon and his corrupt administration. But in the early ‘70s Watergate was the biggest freaking deal, and it occupied television broadcasts seemingly forever. Watergate even reached my high school in Santa Monica, CA, when journalists from Europe […]

What is Feral House?


It becomes difficult at times. How does one explain to friends, relatives, and countrymen that Feral House does not always endorse the ideas or individuals behind the books it publishes. A number of our titles trespass proper moral turpitude, or as West’s Encyclopedia of American Law puts it, “conduct that is considered contrary to community […]

What’s All This Shamanic Stuff About?

9781934170366-cover copy

Four years ago I moved from a great storybook-style house property in the midst of a three acre compound in Los Angeles’ Franklin Hills area.  Five other ’30s and ’40s era homes (including one occupied by actor Bud Cort), were situated in this strange compound. With the assistance of our former mate, Jodi Wille, we […]

What’s the password?


Fittingly we unleash our Ritual America slide show at Glendale’s Moose Lodge this coming Thursday June 14 at 7 pm. From what we understand, women and families attend this fraternal lodge at varying times, but drinks can be ordered from the bar. This being a family instiution, no bath salts will be sold. Further info […]

When everything is a conspiracy, little is true


Among Feral House’s and Process Media’s wide-ranging array of titles are some conspiratorial books looking into the Oklahoma City Bombing and many other questionable aspects of the establishment line.  For The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror, we were sued for libel by Oliver “Buck” Revell, the FBI’s Deputy Chief. We were prepared to raise […]

Who is David Cole?


The first time I met David Cole, he was making an appearance on a Montel Williams talk show with a fellow Holocaust Revisionist (they weren’t yet called “Holocaust Deniers”), arguing against antagonistic Holocaust survivors. I covered the event for my “HelL.A.” column for the San Diego Reader, being particularly curious why this young Jew got […]

Yé Yé book release party!


Our highly anticipated Yé Yé Girls of 60′s French Pop has arrived and on Thursday, January 9th from 7pm-on we are celebrating with a release party at Molasses Books in NYC! A few authorities on the genre will be spinning great/rare Yé Yé cuts all night and you can score a discounted copy of the book. Bonus […]

Yé-Yé Girls Rule


It’s been the most delightful task of many Feral House years. And that is to seek out images from magazines, scrapbooks, television programs, advertisements, and singles / EPs / LPs from the Yé-Yé era from the early to late-1960s, when lovely and kicky girls climbed to the top of French and French Canadian pop culture […]

Yeah Yeah Yé-Yé!

Gillian Hills

Yes, we love them. The Yé-Yé — translated as Yeah! Yeah!–is a pop music movement primarily given to us by lovely girl singers from France, Quebec, Germany and Spain in the ’60s. Here’s Gillian Hills from the movie Beat Girl, and also known for her brief scenes as Alex’s pick-up in A Clockwork Orange and a party girl […]

You Can’t Win Haunts the Feral Man

You Can't_Win_Cover_FRONT

Long ago … (are the mid-1980s considered “long ago”?) … well, back in the mid-1980s, we began our book publishing efforts with the collaborative and financial assistance of Kenneth Swezey, and agreed to name our emerging publishing company Amok Press as a way to help promote a mail order catalogue (the Amok Dispatch) and a […]

You Will (still) Die


How disappointed y’all must be for still being alive today, and conscious enough to read this sales blog. We’re sorry, really we are, that you weren’t taken away by the predicted cataclysm for your rendezvous with God, Satan, or a patch of dirt. But please be reassured. You are going to die. Yes you are, […]