Who is David Cole?


The first time I met David Cole, he was making an appearance on a Montel Williams talk show with a fellow Holocaust Revisionist (they weren’t yet called “Holocaust Deniers”), arguing against antagonistic Holocaust survivors. I covered the event for my “HelL.A.” column for the San Diego Reader, being particularly curious why this young Jew got […]

What is Feral House?


It becomes difficult at times. How does one explain to friends, relatives, and countrymen that Feral House does not always endorse the ideas or individuals behind the books it publishes. A number of our titles trespass proper moral turpitude, or as West’s Encyclopedia of American Law puts it, “conduct that is considered contrary to community […]

Billions and Billions of Books


I’ve been asked, from time to time: what do I think of publishing at a time when anyone can sign up with Amazon or other companies, and get their work printed up and sold online resembling quasi-legitimate books. My answer: right on, and good luck! Thinking back to the ‘80s when we first published books […]

Mutant Bible


One of the best things about living in freaky, chaotic Hollywood for a month or two is being able to visit Amoeba Music. Today I leafed through the LPs in the Spoken Word and Christian LPs areas. What a gas. In the Spoken Word section I found several Caedmon LPs. Caedmon was the British firm […]

Gene Autry and Loose Bowels


Before we get into our Feral Friday discourse today we’d like to extend big thanks to Billy Shire, Tricia Fetters, Lee Joseph, and Matt Kennedy of Soap Plant / La Luz de Jesus in Los Feliz for hosting such a great event for Feral House this past week. It was great to meet so many friend, see […]