Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board

Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board


Ever since it was adapted by Parker Brothers into a massively popular board game for young people, the Ouija Board has been a lightning rod for controversy. For decades, waves of preachers, teachers and parents have condemned the game as a devil’s gateway to perilous obsessions and spiritual possessions. While these claims recall a special […]

Babylon’s Banksters

The Alchemy of Deep Physics, High Finance and Ancient Religion


$3.95 — $19.95

The modern-day financial crisis and scam is nothing really new reveals master researcher Joseph P. Farrell In Babylon’s Banksters. Banking has been tinkered with and controlled for the past thousand years of human history.

Dark Mission

The Secret History of NASA Revised & Expanded Edition



Welcome to the Revised and Expanded Edition of the New York Times bestseller. The New Edition includes astonishing photos that NASA is unable to cover-up of architectural formations on the Moon and Mars. “Hoagland’s most important book. A deeply disturbing, thought-provoking tour de force that will keep you reading through the night. — Graham Hancock, […]

Encyclopaedia of Hell

An Invasion Manual for Demons Concerning the Planet Earth and the Human Race Which Infests It



eBook available for Kindle, iPad, Nook and more! A tour de force of darkness, Encyclopaedia of Hell is an “invasion manual” for Earth written by Lord Satan for his invading hordes of Demons, complete with hundreds of unpleasant illustrations, diagrams and a comprehensive and utterly repulsive Dictionary of Earth Terms. Since the customs and mores of humanity are alien and inconceivable to […]

Erik Jan Hanussen

Hitler’s Jewish Clairvoyant

Erik Jan Hanussen


Erik Jan Hanussen made a name for himself as Europe’s most audacious and controversial soothsayer. Billing himself as “The Man Who Knows All,” he performed in cabarets and music halls, attracting the attention of everyone from Sigmund Freud and Thomas Mann to Marlene Dietrich and Peter Lorre. His exceptional paranormal abilities–along with his stage specialty […]

Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men

The Surviving Elites of the Cosmic War
and Their Hidden Agenda



Consider the possibility that the history of the human race is not as simple as has been taught in classroom textbooks. Consider the possibility that the standard scientific explanation for mankind has ignored critical facts that are buried deep within the fossils and mankind’s DNA. Consider the possibility that the biblical tales may actually reveal […]


Military-Industrial Conspiracy and Cover-Up from Maury Island to Dallas



In 1947 six flying saucers circled above a harbor boat in Puget Sound near Tacoma, Washington, one wobbling and spewing slag. The falling junk killed a dog and burned a boy’s arm. His father, Harold Dahl, witnessed it all and brought his partner, Fred Crisman, down the next day to see yet another UFO. The Maury Island incident became the first UFO event of the modern era.

Lords of Chaos

The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground

Lords of Chaos

$3.95 — $18.95

REVISED EDITION The 2003 edition of LORDS OF CHAOS is revised and expanded, adding fifty new pages, detailing outbreaks of Black Metal crime in Finland, Germany and the United States; and includes the secret history of occult Rock, a new section on Varg Vikernes’ promulgation of bizarre Aryan UFO theories, and material on the career of […]

Love Sex Fear Death

The Inside Story of The Process Church of the Final Judgment



Watch the Process Church book trailer (directed by William Mortenson) here. Contributions from Sammy Nasr, Edward Mason, Malachi McCormick, Kathe McCaffrey, Laura Merrill, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, and Ruth Strassberg The Process Church of the Final Judgment was the apocalyptic shadow side of the flower-powered ’60s and perhaps the most notorious cult of modern times. Scores of […]

Propaganda and Holy Writ of The Process Church of The Final Judgment

Sex Issue • Fear Issue • Death Issue

Propaganda and Holy Writ of The Process Church of The Final Judgment


To follow up on the Feral House release, Love Sex Fear Death: The Inside Story of The Process Church of The Final Judgment, written by Timothy Wyllie, here are full color reproductions of the Process Church’s notorious and rare thematic magazines, all boldly imaginative and decades ahead of their time. This edition, limited to 1,200 […]

Psychic Blues

Confessions of a Conflicted Medium


$3.95 — $18.95

eBook available for Kindle, iPad, Nook and more! “Mark Edward is an equivocator, fibber, and mountebank. Which begs the question: if a liar admits to lying, can he be telling the truth? He is a literate, informative, intellectual, a student of the psychology of humans, a foe of those who would defraud the public for […]

Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A.

Psychic Dictatorship in the USA


Warning: Alex Constantine’s research may well upset the psychic equilibrium of the casual reader. Carefully documented articles examine the Realpolitik of contemporary America, including original material on: * Electromagnetic and bio-telemetric mind control experimentation and torture on involuntary human subjects in America today. * Nutrasweet and its role in the dumbing of America. * The use of […]

Ritual America

Secret Brotherhoods and Their Influence on American Society
A Visual Guide



eBook available for Kindle, iPad, Nook and more! Just five or six decades ago as many as a third of all American males belonged to a fraternal order. The substance of so-called secret rituals could easily be purchased in cheap paperback books. The true secret of these fraternal orders may be that all the classified […]

Satan Speaks!

Satan Speaks

$3.95 — $13.00

Anton Szandor LaVey, notorious founder of the Church of Satan, died on October 29, 1997, days after completing his final contribution to Satan Speaks! Satan Speaks! collects together sixty unorthodox, paradoxical and humorous essays by the most misunderstood man in America. Marilyn Manson pays tribute to Anton LaVey in his forward, and Blanche Barton, mother of […]

Secret Agent 666

Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult

Secret Agent 666


Aleister Crowley is best today as a founding father of modern occultism. His wide, hypnotic eyes peer at us on the cover of The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and his influence can be found everywhere in popular culture. “The Great Beast” has been the subject of several biographies, some painting him as […]

The Carnivals of Life and Death


$3.95 — $14.95

James Shelby Downard may be the most controversial conspiracy theorist of the 20th century. In “King-Kill 33°,” Downard notoriously laid out the involvement of Freemasonry in the assassination of President Kennedy. Even Marilyn Manson wrote a song based on Downard’s essay. The Carnivals of Life and Death is Downard’s autobiographical account of his early years […]

The Devil’s Notebook

Devils Notebook

$3.95 — $10.95

At last, the collected wisdom, humor, and dark observations by the founder of the Church of Satan. The Devil’s Notebook is the first original collection of LaVey’s writings to be published in two decades. The High Priest speculates on such topics as nonconformity, occult faddism, erotic politics, the “Goodguy badge,” demoralization and the construction of artificial […]

The Manson File

Charles Manson as revealed in letters, photos, stories, songs, art, testimony and documents.

The Manson File

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The Manson File caused a sensation when it first appeared in 1988 under the Amok Press imprint. Never before had uncensored source material from the Family itself become available in a commercially distributed book.

The Satanic Witch

Satanic Witch

$3.95 — $13.00

The late Anton Szandor LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, may be the most notoriously familiar for his Satanic Bible, butThe Satanic Witch best reflects the discoveries Anton made in his younger days working the carny shows and Mitt Camps. This is undiluted Gypsy lore regarding the forbidden knowledge of seduction and manipulation. The Satanic […]

The Secret King

The Myth and Reality of Nazi Occultism Revised and Expanded Edition

The Secret King

$3.95 — $16.95

What role did the occult really play in the Third Reich? Sinister tales circulate about the occult roots of Nazi Germany, but little documentation has ever been uncovered — until now. The Secret King reveals the true story of Heinrich Himmler’s “Rasputin,” the magus Karl Maria Wiligut, commissioned by Himmler to write private reports on runes […]

The Secret Life of a Satanist

The Authorized Biography of Anton LaVey

Secret Life of a Satanist


Many people consider Anton LaVey the most dangerous man on earth. Others simply dismiss him as an entertaining charlatan. What secrets lurk within the man who shaved his head on Walpurgisnacht, 1966, and declared the formation of the Church of Satan? Written with the cooperation of her enigmatic subject, Blanche Barton’s biography reveals what has […]

Thee Psychick Bible

Thee Apocryphal Scriptures ov Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Thee Third Mind ov Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth



Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth (TOPY) will be remembered for its crucial influence on youth culture throughout the ’80s and ’90s, popularizing occult investigations, tattooing, body piercing, acid house raves, and other ahead-of-the-curve cultic flirtations and investigations. Its leader was Genesis P-Orridge, co-founder of Psychick TV and Throbbing Gristle, the band that created the industrial music genre.


A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas


$3.95 — $19.95

The ultimate question is no longer “who am I” or ”why am I here.” These questions were answered in the earliest civilizations by philosophers and priests. Today we live in an age of such rapid advances in technology and science that the ultimate question must be rephrased: “what shall we be?” This book investigates what may become of human civilization, who is setting the agenda […]