Packing Inferno

The Unmaking of a Marine

Tyler E. Boudreau


Tyler E. Boudreau is a twelve-year veteran of the Marine Corps infantry. He trained and committed himself physically and intellectually to the military life. Then his intense devotion began to disintegrate, bit by bit, during his final mission in Iraq. After returning home, he discovered a turmoil developing in his mind, estranging him from his […]


Porn & Pong

How Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider, and Other Sexy Games Changed Our Culture

Damon Brown
Foreword by Jon M. Gibson


When the VCR first became commonly available, and the modern porn industry’s sales skyrocketed, Atari systems, with their phallic joysticks, also seized the American mind. In Porn and Pong, Playboy journalist Damon Brown reveals how these businesses have blossomed, intersected and affected our culture. Reality TV came the same year as the digital reality of […]


Voluptuous Panic

The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin

Mel Gordon


Back in print! Available in deluxe paperback edition. “Voluptuous Panic is simultaneously appalling and thrilling, repellent and seductive, grotesque and gorgeous—not a coffee table book. It would go better with absinthe drunk from a human skull.” — Gary Meyer, Clean Sheets When Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin first appeared in the fall of 2000, it […]



How Vermont and All the Other States Can Save Themselves from the Empire

Thomas H. Naylor
Introduction by Kirkpatrick Sale


America has lost its moral authority to huge corporate interests, say Secession movement leaders. This remarkable book shows how a seemingly wild political idea continues to grow and create debate on our unsustainable, ungovernable and unfixable empire. From Kirkpatrick Sale’s introduction: “Secession may seem like an outlandish idea at first, but when considered forthrightly and […]


Twilight of the Machines

John Zerzan


“The crisis deepens. Everyday life is plundered as much as the physical environment. Our predicament points us toward a solution. The voluntary abandonment of the industrial mode of existence is not self-renunciation, but a healing return.” — from Twilight of the Machines The mentor of the green anarchist and neo-primitive movements is back with his […]