The Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People

Revised Edition

Irving Wallace, Amy Wallace, David Wallechinsky and Sylvia Wallace


The Wallace family revisit their classic historical romp, and rework and update it with acerbic behind-the-scenes entries on Tupac Shakur, Kurt Cobain, Anna Nicole Smith, Malcolm X, Jim Morrison and others who have impacted our times. The Wallace family is the famous publishing phenomenon responsible for many bestsellers, including The Book of Lists and The […]

The Secret King

The Secret King

The Myth and Reality of Nazi Occultism Revised and Expanded Edition

Stephen E. Flowers and Michael Moynihan

$3.95 — $16.95

What role did the occult really play in the Third Reich? Sinister tales circulate about the occult roots of Nazi Germany, but little documentation has ever been uncovered — until now. The Secret King reveals the true story of Heinrich Himmler’s “Rasputin,” the magus Karl Maria Wiligut, commissioned by Himmler to write private reports on runes […]


Hollywood’s Hellfire Club

The Misadventures of John Barrymore, W.C. Fields, Errol Flynn and “The Bundy Drive Boys”

Gregory William Mank with Charles Heard and Bill Nelson


They made fans go crazy and censors apoplectic, spent fortunes faster than they made them, forged Rembrandts and hung them in major museums, went on trial for committing statutory rape with necrophiliac teenage girls, reinterpreted Hamlet as an incestuous mama’s boy, and swilled immeasurable quantities of spirits during week-long parties on wobbly yachts. They were […]


Tales of Times Square

Expanded Edition

Josh Alan Friedman

$3.95 — $16.95

This classic account of the ultra-sleazy, pre-Disneyfied era of Times Square is now the subject of a documentary film of the same name to be theatrically released this year. With this editionTales returns to print with seven new chapters. “Friedman has drawn a vivid picture of the Times Square area and its denizens. He writes […]


The Ministry of Truth

Kim Jong Il’s North Korea

Christian Kracht, Eva Munz, Lukas Nikol


Kim Jong Il’s People’s Republic of North Korea is a gigantic installation, a simulation, a play. Eva Munz, Christian Kracht and Lukas Nikol traveled to this land to take pictures of a country from which there are no pictures. What they show in The Ministry of Truth is a window view of the gigantic 3D production […]