Propaganda and Holy Writ of The Process Church of The Final Judgment

Propaganda and Holy Writ of The Process Church of The Final Judgment

Sex Issue • Fear Issue • Death Issue

The Gods on War in text and read by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Lydia Lunch, Adam Parfrey and Timothy Wyllie


To follow up on the Feral House release, Love Sex Fear Death: The Inside Story of The Process Church of The Final Judgment, written by Timothy Wyllie, here are full color reproductions of the Process Church’s notorious and rare thematic magazines, all boldly imaginative and decades ahead of their time. This edition, limited to 1,200 […]


Graffiti Underworld

Villains, Vandals and Visionaries

J.R. Mathews


Though now considered a reputable art form deserving of museum exhibitions and academy award-nominated movies, graffiti and tagging still earns its practitioners arrest and grave bodily harm. This book dives into this risky underworld with hundreds of interviews and images from these subversive vandals. Issued in hardcover and in full color throughout.


Violence Girl

East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage, A Chicana Punk Story

Alice Bag

$3.95 — $17.95

eBook available for Kindle, iPad, Nook and more! The proximity of the East L.A. barrio to Hollywood is as close as a short drive on the 101 freeway, but the cultural divide is enormous. Born to Mexican-born and American-naturalized parents, Alicia Armendariz migrated a few miles west to participate in the free-range birth of the 1970s punk movement. Alicia adopted the punk […]


Encyclopaedia of Hell

An Invasion Manual for Demons Concerning the Planet Earth and the Human Race Which Infests It

Martin Olson
Illustrations by Tony Millionaire and Mahendra Singh


eBook available for Kindle, iPad, Nook and more! A tour de force of darkness, Encyclopaedia of Hell is an “invasion manual” for Earth written by Lord Satan for his invading hordes of Demons, complete with hundreds of unpleasant illustrations, diagrams and a comprehensive and utterly repulsive Dictionary of Earth Terms. Since the customs and mores of humanity are alien and inconceivable to […]



Military-Industrial Conspiracy and Cover-Up from Maury Island to Dallas

Kenn Thomas


In 1947 six flying saucers circled above a harbor boat in Puget Sound near Tacoma, Washington, one wobbling and spewing slag. The falling junk killed a dog and burned a boy’s arm. His father, Harold Dahl, witnessed it all and brought his partner, Fred Crisman, down the next day to see yet another UFO. The Maury Island incident became the first UFO event of the modern era.