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Man a Machine and Transhumanism

February 20, 2015

Throughout the internet data smog of talk shows, TED conferences and feature articles, we have noticed the discussion of “transhumanism,”  or the means of using technology to create super humans, in which pitiful biological realities are enhanced by computer superbots. There’s a decent breakdown of Transhumanism on Wikipedia, though it actually bypasses the idea’s philosophical […]

Feral House Invades LA on Friday the 13th!

February 6, 2015

Last year we celebrated the pre-Roman Lupercalia festival at Wacko / Soap Plant / La Luz de Jesus, and boy did we have some fun, particularly in company with Faunus, the Horned God. This year, Feral House returns for another Lupercalia festival next Friday the 13th of February. This time we’re exhibiting signed original photographs of […]