Apocalypse Culture II


Los Angeles, CA – Feral House – Underground publisher Adam Parfrey presents a second coming of America’s darkest shadow side in Apocalypse Culture II, the completely new sequel edition to what was called by J.G. Ballard “the terminal documents of the twentieth century.” The original Apocalypse Culture, an underground bestseller since its emergence in 1987, going through 13 printings, has remained a huge influence on popular culture. The sequel delineates further regions of the Forbidden Zone, the psychic maelstrom that everyone knows exists but fearfully avoids.

Subject matter includes:

  •  The biological resurrection of Jesus Christ via modern cloning technology
  •  Interviews with a convicted murderer and cannibal turned celebrity
  • Recipes for cooking babies
  • Homunculi
  • Pedophilia
  • A re-enactment of the 914 deaths that occurred at Jonestown in 1978
  • A report on Bobby Beausoleil, his art, and his prison sex life
  • The farthest-out conspiracy of all with reasons to take it absolutely seriously
  • Letters sent to Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan
  • A sample necrocard for those who wish to donate their body to necrophilia
  • Steps to overcome masturbation
  • The replacement of human mates with expensive masturbatory devices
  • Fecal black magic
  • Mind control via advertising

And dozens of other compelling examples of our own Apocalypse Culture. Observing that society has been infantilized by being told at every opportunity how to think and what to believe, editor Parfrey refuses to provide easy moral lessons in Apocalypse Culture II, though he supplies pertinent information before and after many articles to assist the interpretation of thoughtful readers. Some will find the contents quite shocking, but that, according to Parfrey, is not his primary purpose. This is an examination of sociological truths that speak of the culture that both created and ignore them.

Contributors include Colin Wilson, Ted Kaczynski, Pentti Linkola, Jim Goad, Peter Sotos, Michael Moynihan, Sondra London, Jonathan Vankin, Irv Rubin, George Petros, Chris Campion, Robert Sterling, David Woodard, Dan Kelly, Wes Thomas, Crispin Hellion Glover, Boyd Rice, Kadmon, Chad Hensley, James Shelby Downard, Rod Dickinson, Steve Speer, Sarita Vendetta, Ghazi Barakat, Kristan Lawson, Issei Sagawa, Rosemary Malign, Danny Rolling, Larry Wayne Harris, Nicolas Claux, Stu Mead, Trevor Brown, George LaMort, and Beth Love.

“This is a black box of a book, spuming to the brim with the overly articulate paranoias of our age. It is impossible to either put it down or keep yourself from throwing it against the wall. There is no denying its dense psychic substance, though. The dark angels sit crowded on every page.”
— Andrei Codrescu, National Public Radio

“I write books, I read books, and Apocalypse Culture II is the best book I have ever read. Pardon me now if I go out on a limb, but if there is no Pulitzer for this man, this work, I will eat my own Nobel. Adam Parfrey is equal parts H.L. Mencken and P.T. Barnum.”
— Richard Meltzer

Apocalypse Culture II is an instant classic, blasting through the last frontiers of taboo.”
— Rachel Resnick, author of Go West Young Fucked-Up Chick

“Salacious. Visceral. Great. With Apocalypse Culture II, Adam Parfrey immerses the reader in the deep dark sanguinary sanctums of the subconscious.”
— Robert Williams

Apocalypse Culture II is the New Testament, redefining and satirically exposing the mutations of consensus hypocrisy. Psychoses duel in the hilarious, absurd, provocative and incestuously urban litanies of deformed martyrs. An unexpectedly sacred alchemical tincture.”
— Genesis P-Orridge

“Adam Parfrey’s astonishing, un-put-downable and absolutely brilliant compilation, Apocalypse Culture II, will blow a hole through your mind the size of JonBenet’s fist. This book should be in hotel rooms.”
— Jerry Stahl, author of Permanent Midnight

“Adam Parfrey shows himself to be unique among investigative journalists: one unafraid to go where barkers fear to tread.”
— Nick Tosches

Apocalypse Culture II is a chaos bible of delightful forbidden information that falls somewhere between The Cat in the Hat and Mein Kampf. It’s also thick enough to leave a good-sized bruise on someone’s face after you get pissed-off by reading it.”
— Marilyn Manson

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6 x 9 | 458 Pages | Illustrated | ISBN: 0-922915-57-1