Cholo Style

Homies, Homegirls and La Raza

The classic era of barrio culture, as seen through the artwork, interviews and true stories created by homies and homegirls themselves, from the seminal street ’zine Mi Vida Loca.

The Chicano street tough look, or Cholo Style, has grown in a big way, becoming incorporated as a matter of pride in American Hispanic culture and according to the New York Times, has seeped “into the fashion vernacular of non-Latinos as well.”

Author Reynaldo Berrios is a reformed gangbanger who raises two sons and calls San Francisco home. Rey was nearly killed in vicious knife-fights, and produced Mi Vida Loca at great personal risk for over a decade. Berrios has turned against counterproductive gang violence to try to rouse the wakening giant of Brown Power.

7 x 10 | 220 Pages | B & W and color illustrations and photographs | ISBN: 1-932595-14-7