Cosmic Retribution

The Infernal Art of Joe Coleman


From the original release: On highly-detailed canvases that are packed to the margins with strange symbols, bleeding body parts, Bible verses, and nightmare genitalia, Joe Coleman paints the wondrous carnival of his psychotic universe. His work is even blessed by a blurb from Charles Manson: “His art is something else. Praise! Praise! Praise! He’s a caveman in a space ship.” 

This is an artist no horror fan can afford to miss: He does serial killers, sideshow freaks, deranged sex, evil doctors, and religious iconography like no one else on Earth. This is a superb introduction to Coleman’s world and work, with a biographical article, photos, 32 color plates, and numerous illustrations. Warning: Disturbing!

Twenty-six years later, Joe Coleman is recognized as a genius lauded by critics and collectors throughout the world.

isbn: 9780922915064 | Soft Cover | Published: March 3, 1993