Extreme Islam

Anti-American Propaganda of Muslim Fundamentalism


Explosive as the views it presents, Extreme Islam cuts to the chase, and allows the major voices of the orthodox Islamic current to speak for themselves as to why Allah should annihilate ‘The Great Satan”. Remarkable interviews, essays, fatwas, political cartoons, propaganda, posters, poems and stories are collected to confront the reader with important and rarely-seen perspectives of a movement that opposes almost everything considered holy by American and Western civilization.

Extreme Islam is an enlightening, disturbing and often frightening primer on radical Muslim thought.”
— John Strausbaugh, New York Press

“(A) timely and much needed dialogue… Extreme Islam is an informative and alarming compilation of primary sources… strongly recommended reading.”
— Midwest Book Review

“Letting the Islamic fundamentalists speak for themselves via essays, poems, tracts and images, this book is a truly wild collection of documents… gives valuable insight into the philosophy espoused by people who would genuinely like to see everything most people in the West take for granted annihilated in favour of pure Islamic Law based on very literal interpretations of the Qu’ran… A fascinating and necessary book.”
— Jack Sargeant, Black Ice

“(An) incendiary compilation of radical thought… filled with frightfully illuminating articles…”
— Lydia Lunch

“This is the real deal, and it’s a shame we haven’t been talking about the views in this book in our living rooms, in our workplaces, and, most of all, in our major media outlets.”
— The Joe Bob Report

“This book now means that no English speaker has an excuse to be ignorant. Here is a window inside the Jihad… Every page of this book contains interest. Parfrey has done another outstanding trawl of data, presented here in its bare face and without a distorting commentary. WithExtreme Islam, Feral House maintains its reputation as the most courageous and incendiary publisher in the US.”
— Jeremy GloverHeadpress

“(C)ontains essays that will (or at least should) render you serious, humbled and even a bit sympathetic… Extreme Islam’s deranged carnival actually succeeds in shocking most when the “extremists” themselves are lucid, poignant and poetic.”
— R.U. SiriusLA Weekly

“We need to learn more about how the Muslim world actually views us, and this book is a giant step in that direction. There’s not another book on the market remotely like it, as far as serving up the unvarnished truth about who hates what, and why. Parfrey was researching this book well before 9/11, and it’s a good thing, because in the wake of the WTC/Pentagon attacks, many of his sources (including websites) dried up. As it is, this book offers a priceless collection of essays, articles, interviews and other material from fundamentalists of all stripes… The illustrations are thought provoking as well. Match up the American government’s propaganda barrage with the version that the opposition is dishing out, so you can come to an informed decision. Read this book!”
— Dennis P. EichhornScram

“(G)oes where the mic’d and moussed crowd over at Fox and CNN refuse to venture. Extreme Islam features an eyeball-widening array of interviews with religious leaders, documents downloaded from (currently banned) radical Islamic websites, and detritus like Iranian banknotes depicting the camaraderie inherent in revolution.”
— Lynne D JohnsonXLR8R

“Here is the very first (book) to present graphic and textual voices of Islam itself… Without justification or prejudice, Parfrey simply presents a compilation of material; an unadulterated glimpse of the fatwas, essays, lurid cartoons, manuals, poems (including an ode to anthrax) and philosophy of the world’s fastest-rising religion. Extreme Islam enlightens us and arms us with facts.”
— Lynne ZielinskiHuntsville Times

“The information is offered without bias or judgment… With Extreme Islam, Adam Parfrey and Feral House have once again published a thought-provoking book filled with an abundance of text that you will most likely never see presented in any mainstream venue… a very important document… (A) well-researched primer on anti-American sentiment that should be required reading for every American in this post-September 11 landscape.”
— Trent Reinsmith, MaximumRockNRoll




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5 1/2 x 8 1/2 | 328 Pages | Illustrated | ISBN: 0-922915-78-4