Hardcore Vegetarian

Welcome to the Vegedome!

Hardcore Vegetarian is a celebration of food and love for everyone!

Hardcore Vegetarian is a journey into vegetarianism led by someone who fell into it inadvertently and is happily still learning as she goes. As a passionate home cook, Flanagan became what she describes as a “lazy vegetarian” while figuring out how to cook for herself and her vegetarian husband, musician Harley Flanagan. It is a narrative guide for the vegetarian-curious, for home cooks who want to explore vegetarianism and introduce plant-based recipes into their households. It explores the meaning of food in our lives, how we interact with it, and how our relationship to it evolves as over time. Included are short personal accounts, as Flanagan engages readers as she gently and humorously shares her own learning curve, along with road-tested, beloved, and delicious recipes. Hardcore Vegetarian brings readers along for the successes and sometimes failures as Flanagan overhauls her kitchen and recipes from meaty to beety. She shares tips and insights from the people who taught her how to cook for the people she loves. Hardcore Vegetarian is organized into easily digestible sections that cover every meal and includes a guide to vegetarian pantry essentials. As she writes, “Food is a primordial expression of love,” and there is nothing more Hardcore than love.

Coming Fall 2024