Hi Jax and Hi Jinx

Life's a Pitch – and then you Live Forever


Hi Jax and Hi Jinx is a black-humored, edgy social comedy based on the real-life experiences of cartoonist and musician/performance artist Dame Darcy, creator of the comix series Meat Cake. Her Gothic Lolita?punk/dada life is a no?holds?barred fight for social justice. Allying herself with witches, the LBGTQ community, billionaires, and Native Americans, Dame Darcy takes on reality television, self-publishing, fine art exhibition, movie production, the patriarchy and the soaring cost of higher education.

“Darcy’s comics are an aesthetic manifesto… Darcy is a star. Mark my words.” —The New York Times

“Her imagery and style may have caught on in the wide world, but the originals are as menacing as ever.” — NPR Book

“She is the Earth’s manifestation of true love. Her desires are delivered through the sensual art of music, lyrics, and visual magic. Dame Darcy is an artist worthy of obsession.” —Thurston Moore, Musician

“Her work is a young Miss Haversham stripped naked by John Ruskin, or at least that’s one of the many delicious images that spring to my mind from the exquisitely strange pages by the ingenious and inexhaustible Dame Darcy!” —Guy Maddin, Filmmaker

“Darcy makes mad and beautiful work.” —Alan Moore comic book artist and author of The Watchmen and V for Vendetta

“Dame Darcy’s art resides at the crossroads between instinct and intellect, and every witch knows how powerful it is to bury talismans in that location. The Intersection. It’s the only place to cast a good spell. ” —Margaret Cho

With 50 plus internationally published graphic novels, cartoonist Dame Darcy is an essential voice in women’s art and cartooning. In 2016, her 500-page, career-spanning comic compilation Meat Cake Bible was published by Fantagraphics.


978-1627310697 | Pub Date December 4, 2018 | 7x10 | 408 pages | $24.95