There was a lot of weather up here in Port Townsend last night, knocking out our power. How close we were in needing certain Process Media Self-Reliance titles, including the shortly forthcoming title called Back To The Wild.

The wood stove warmed us well, and flashlights, vodka and physical books helped us pass the time.
As far as Feral House news goes, our books about great and ghastly photographer William Mortensen are getting a lot of favorable press, and a few First Edition Mortensen titles are still available (for the moment) through the Feral Holiday Sale that features free shipping and a 30% discount…  Take a look:  Time is running out!
If you’re in New York, you won’t want to miss the Mortensen exhibition at the Stephen Romano Gallery in Dumbo:
If you’re in Seattle, see the Mortensen exhibition at the famed Roq La Rue Gallery as some amazing prints are available for purchase, and they’re surprisingly inexpensive… (the prints signed and created by the Master himself are more costly as they’re quite rare):
Future William Mortensen exhibitions will be traveling to Los Angeles and San Francisco in early 2015.
Check out this interview with the Parf regarding his misadventures with Walter and Margaret Keane: