Occasionally a book comes back from the printer, and though you know it well, you’re surprised by the greatness of the result… You knew it would be good, but not this wicked good.

The book in question here is Al Ridenour’s image heavy historical survey, The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas: Roots and Rebirth of the Folkloric Devil. It’s designed by the great Sean Tejaratchi, and printed on heavy paper stock with excellent result. You can see its video trailer here: https://vimeo.com/178244669 … and you can purchase it over hereabouts: http://feralhouse.com/the-krampus/

What is this European weirdness? What are all the costumes about? You might want to check this book before all those creepy parades hit your town.

Another book, just back from the printer, that’s getting quite a bit of attention is from an unexpected source for Feral House, and that is Harley Flanagan, and his kick-ass memoir, Hard-Core: Life of My Own, with an Introduction by Feral House author Steven Blush. As a kid Harley made the scene with Joe Strummer, Allen Ginsberg, Lemmy Kilmister, Debbie Harry, and even Andy Warhol. How did the Hardcore scene start? Where did the Lower East Side go? Harley is the best first-hand voice on the subject. Don’t miss him this coming week, in Brooklyn on Tuesday, October 4, from 7 to 9 pm, at Powerhouse on 28 Adams Street. You’ll be able to hear Harley and get him to sign your copy at this event.

By the way, our dead rock star coloring book volumes are now available, both the amazing Bowie compilation, and the Lemmy Kilmister / Motörhead book, where you can “Color the Ace of Spades”. The Lemmy book is only available from Feral House for the next few months. See here: https://feralhouse.com/lemmy-kilmister-of-motorhead-color-the-ace-of-spades/