A couple decades ago a nameless Hollywood producer told me some curious stories about a particular mogul’s treatment of children. Looking further into this mogul’s films, I wrote an article about the way Steven Spielberg approached the subject of children in his movies.

Several publications expressed their love and fear of the article and I received two kill fees. Jim Goad was the only publisher to have the cojones to publish the article, in Answer ME! magazine, issue #3. Crispin Glover appreciated the piece, and expanded on it for Apocalypse Culture II.

In recent months child star actor Corey Feldman came out on major news outlets to speak out about Hollwood’s pedophilia problem. See here: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/corey-feldman-pedophilia-problem-child-actors-contributed-demise/story?id=14256781

Here’s a reproduction of my “Pederastic Park” piece that someone had uploaded to SCRIBD. Coop drew the remarkable illustration.