Feral House has received its most specific prison book rejection letter to date:

This letter is to advise you that your publication/book entitled (AMERICAN HARDCORE) ISBN: 978-0-922915-71-2 will not be delivered to the following inmate(s) _______________, housed at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison. This is based on a violation of the California Code of Regulations, CCR Title 153135, Sub Sec. (d), INMATES SHALL NOT POSSESS OR HAVE UNDER THEIR CONTROL OBSCENE MATERIAL AND/OR MAIL CONTAINING INFORMATION CONCERNING WHERE, HOW OR FROM WHOM OBSCENE MATERIAL MAY BE OBTAINED. (2), PORTRAYS, DISPLAYS, DESCRIBES, OR REPRESENTS PENETRATION OF THE VAGINA OR ANUS, OR CONTACT BETWEEN THE MOUTH AND GENITALS. Your publication/book contained material on page(s) , 71 , 75, & 121 , which REPRESENT PENETRATION, AND DISPLAY GENITALIA.