Tales of Times Square

Expanded Edition


This classic account of the ultra-sleazy, pre-Disneyfied era of Times Square is now the subject of a documentary film of the same name to be theatrically released this year. With this edition, Tales returns to print with seven new chapters.

“Friedman has drawn a vivid picture of the Times Square area and its denizens. He writes about the porn palaces with live sex shows, and the men and women who perform in them, prostitutes and their pimps, the runaways who will likely be the next decade’s prostitutes, the clergymen who fight the smut merchants and the cops who feel impotent in the face of the judiciary.” — Publishers Weekly

5 1/4 x 8 1/2 | 320 Pages | 14 B&W Photographs | ISBN: 978-932595-28-4