The Fix Is In

The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NASCAR


Listen to author Brian Tuohy’s interview on ESPN radio

“Skeptical fan” Brian Tuohy believes that the hugely profitable sports leagues have covered up the truth behind their operations, that professional sports are not all about fair play but sometimes corrupt interactions with mass media and players in the sports machine.

Author Tuohy backs these charges with an explicitly-cited history of backroom dealings in football, baseball, basketball, hockey and car racing.

The Fix Is In provides the shadow history of the sports world, and the way it interacts with media and gambling operations.

Brian Tuohy’s has been interviewed by ESPN, The New York Times, and Fox Sports, and has contributed many articles to The Bleacher Report.

“With The Fix Is In, Brian Tuohy makes a compelling, fact-based argument that not everything in the sports world is as it seems — that behind the visceral thrills and feel-good hype lies a potentially dark underworld of profit motives, conflicting interests and possibly rigged competitions, in which nothing occurs by happy accident.”— Patrick