Why would Feral House publish such a book?

You mean, the one written by that Iranian dude from Scottsdale, Arizona, land of rich asshats?

Yeah dude, what’s up with all that?

Are you asking about the guy who does TheDirty.com website? The one that insults women who fuck rich Saudis, get boob jobs and whose thighs might touch?

Yes, that scumbag. Man, why would you publish a book by the guy that Dr. Phil and Anderson Cooper say is the scum of the earth?

Well reader, we’re guilty of doing that.

I can’t believe it. You put out a book by the douchebag on the tv show who somehow snagged that hot blonde wife?

Yes, and Feral House legitimizes him by publishing a book he actually wrote.

Now why, Mr. Feral House, would you do such a thing?

Well, reader, perhaps the book is well-written, and discusses a way of life that evokes our car accident curiosity.

Hey then, has Feral House become tabloid?

Yes, reader, we’ve become tabloid.  This is the earth we live on. Ignore it, stare at it, drown in it. We’re all doomed.