The Real Story of Dinosaurs and Dragons

Science Sets the Fossil Record Straight


Are there dinosaurs in the Bible? Are fire-breathing dragons real? A vast and ever-growing body of anti-evolution literature answers both these questions in the affirmative, promoting creationist fantasies over settled science. The Real Story of Dinosaurs and Dragons takes readers on a madcap journey through these fantasies and the evidence against them, using testimony from science, folklore, and scripture to explore creationist misconceptions and how we know they’re wrong.

The journey begins with the origin of the dragon in ancient myth and continues through the astounding fossil discoveries of more recent times. Professor Senter examines a plethora of bizarre claims about dinosaurs and uses knowledge from modern scholarship to set the record straight. He also explores proposed mechanisms for fire-breathing in dinosaurs and tries them in a court of science. Along the way, readers are treated to explanations of rocket fuel, nuclear power plants, carnival fire-eating, the electric eel’s shocking capabilities, and what’s up a crocodile’s nose.

Written in a playful spirit of discovery, The Real Story of Dinosaurs and Dragons entertains as it promotes evidence-based reasoning and illustrates the differences between science and anti-evolution hype. Author Philip Senter, Professor of Zoology at Fayetteville State University, holds advanced degrees in Biological Sciences (PhD) and Theology (MTheol).

$24.95 | Coming Summer 2024