Baby Mammoth

37,000 Year Old Baby Mammoth

2014 is nearly upon us, and for the first time this Winter, snow covers the ground, muffling all sound. Our dog Loki excitedly rolls himself in the powder; there’s nothing he loves more.

We have a view of the sea where the Juan de Fuca Strait runs into Puget Sound, and many islands, both American and Canadian, are within sight. Truly a beautiful area. And it’s also a region lousy with container ships and Naval vessels both above and beneath the water, some loading and unloading munitions of the nuclear variety on a nearby island. New and strange noises sometimes emerge from uncertain locations these days; perhaps it’s the sonar emitted in war games that many say is killing dolphins and whales.

Amid this lovely but troubling view, we’ve been working hard on books to be released this coming year, a time when the biosphere seems to be collecting on its postage due as a result of human devastation of the planet and the ongoing geoengineering experimentation.

Some people ask us, “What can I do?”

Good question. But who are we to provide answers?  Nevertheless, let me suggest a few small things outside of prayer:

Don’t reject awarenss simply out of fear regarding the answers you might get.  It’s disheartening to see people shut down their mind due to the extremity of harsh realities.

Don’t get seduced  by the Corporate Technology God… The strange solutions of the Technology God are now imposing further insanity and harm.

And although the ongoing wars and experimentation are getting as miniature as nanotechnology, and as high and sightless as the Ionosphere, this is not the time to get seduced by paranoia, and be attracted to paranoid solutions.

In these uncertain times, Feral House and Process Media wish you a happy new year. The snow on the trees outside is a beautiful sight, after all.