Top Secret Tourism

Your Travel Guide to Germ Warfare Laboratories, Clandestine Aircraft Bases, and Other Places in the United States You’re Not Supposed to Know About


Here is the unseen America of government facilities and installations protected by a wall of secrecy, deception, and misinformation. It includes huge, isolated areas (some larger than the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island), along with innocuous office buildings located in the middle of major cities. This “other America” has an enormous impact on your life, but you probably have little idea of its extent, scope, and power.

This book invites you to visit this top-secret America. Listings are by state, and each facility/site entry gives its history, discusses the activities carried on there, explores various rumors, and provides maps and directions to every location.

None of the intelligence here was taken from classified sources; everything was on the public record and obtained through visits and patient digging. Since the 9/11 attacks, much of this information was removed from public dissemination. To those who think that a book like this discloses vital government secrets, author Harry Helms says: “Get real. If I can find this stuff out, the Russians, Chinese, and various terrorist groups also found it out a long time before I did.”

Adventurous travelers and truth-seekers will want to know how to navigate within top-secret America.

Helms is available for interviews through Feral House.

“Harry Helms comes across neither as a conspiracy theorist nor as a militia member holed up inside a Montana bunker, but as a serious thinker who has done his homework.”
—Ken Mondschein

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 | 277 Pages | Photos and Illustrations, A Feral House paperback original | ISBN: 978-1932595239