Feral House and Process Media titles have come in from the printers, and many people praise their excellence!

We’re talking about Mike (Ugly Things) Stax’s extraordinary Swim Through the Darkness about the rise and heart-rending downfall of the extraordinary songwriter Craig Smith / Maitreya Kali….

I’m so happy to have signed up this book, though I had no foreknowledge of the protagonist…. It’s the life’s work of Mike Stax, and just the other day the brother of Craig Smith contacted Mike S., so new revelations should be soon forthcoming. Don’t miss the book launch party at Hollywood Blvd.’s Egyptian Theater on Sunday Sep 25 at 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm that includes a screening of the never-seen television pilot “The Happeners” that starred the elusive Craig Smith. Many great guests will also appear there. Don’t miss it! https://www.facebook.com/events/173366759760586/

Also, rare tracks by Craig Smith / Maitreya Kali can now be accessed here: https://feralhouse.com/swim-through-the-darkness/

You can also see the video trailer for that book on that page…

The long-expected memoir of Harley Flanagan is just now reaching Amazon and bookstores… People who have received their copies are praising the book to the heavens. Harley will be appearing at a book party at Handsome Dick Manitoba’s bar at 99 Avenue B in the East Village, Manhattan, on September 27 from 7-9 pm!

We are excited to announce the coming of the print, ePub and Kindle editions of Al Ridenour’s amazing, photo-heavy The Krampus:  The Old, Dark Christmas Roots and the Rebirth of the Folkloric Devil… You’ll be hearing more of this title in the near future, I promise you!  https://feralhouse.com/the-krampus/

BTW, it was great to see many Feral House fans at the recent Esoteric Book Conference, and those who met Christina Ward at the Brooklyn Book festival. Do any friends out there have a suggestion for our appearance at any other book festivals? Let us know at info@feralhouse.com

Beast wishes,

Adam Parfrey