Feral Friends,

Holiday greetings to you, our favorite fiends! Whichever of the many deities celebrates their birth this December is your favorite, we encourage you to take advantage of the seasonal lull and read books.
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We think that books are the best gift to give and get. Please note: to assure delivery by December 25th, please order by December 20th.

We are quite proud of the titles released in 2015.  Print Magazine named Art Chantry Speaks as one of its top 25 design books of the year. Pulp Macabre, the Art and Life of Lee Brown Coye’s Final and Darkest Era was awarded Best Biography by the Halloween Book Festival. The most current edition of The Believer Magazine features a long interview with Why Hope? The Stand Against Civilization author John Zerzan.Our friends at Cinefamily (Los Angeles) hosted an evening with Mel Gordon (Horizontal Collaboration) and his collection of historic French and German erotic films. And a true highlight of the year was Adam Parfrey’s presentation on the work of his father, beloved character actor Woodrow Parfrey.A pretty good year. Wonder how we’re going to top that…

White Skinhead Nationalist Movement UK & USA 1979-1993

White Nationalist Skinhead Movement UK & USA 1979 to 1993

By Robert Forbes and Eddie Stampton is the story of the movement and the music that both inspired and fueled it told by the participants.

This book is not a glorification of a sub-culture, but first-person narratives that in turn contradicts itself and reveals the beating heart of what makes someone embrace hate as a lifestyle.  This is the first-draft of a sub-culture that still simmers in the dark corners of our society.Since 1989, Feral House’s published works have been praised, reviled, banned, and celebrated.  Once again, we are releasing a title no other publishing house dare put into print.  It’s easy to tell the stories that fit into the feel-good, politically correct narrative of today. According to those books, punk opened the door to a revolution of social justice. Not quite.Order it directly from Feral House. We won’t tell anyone.

Backlist Titles of Note
Guitar Army, Rock & Revolution with MC5 and The White Panther Party by John Sinclair is a book of revolutions. Music and politics are twined to the industrial rock n roll of rustbelt Michigan. Photographs and reproductions of historic flyers add more to the story. Also included is a CD of rare music and poetry created by the MC5 and Alan Ginsberg.
Ye-Ye Girls of ’60s French Pop is the definitive compendium on this timeless era of pop music. The sound and look were instantly iconic. Endlessly referenced and recycled as the ultimate Cool.  Our holiday gift to you, this set of Ye-Ye’s finest compiled by Feral House’s own Monica. Enjoy!  Ye-Ye Mix Deluxe!
Getting Out, Your Guide to Leaving America by Mark Ehrman is the perfect companion to the turbulent election cycle and nonsense spewed by all candidates. Managing Editor Jessica thinks Getting Out will be useful to everyone. Some may want to leave the US voluntarily, others, if certain hairdos are elected, will be asked to leave! Knowing your options is always wise.