Hi! Mike Howlett here, author of Feral House’s The Weird World of Eerie Publications! I thought that Feral fans of fear mags might enjoy this commercial, which I co-created with Roger Froilan of Anvil Entertainment and the Horror Haven.

The commercial was Roger’s brainchild. One of Horror Haven’s entities is the Fright Channel, an old time Creature Double Feature-type show online. We made the commercial to run on there.

The poor, abused comic-loving kid is played by Roger’s son, Spencer Froilan. The tyrannical father is played by Shane Doherty. Sadly, my necrophiliac priest was cut out, but I did the voice-over and I’m the goofy face in the book cover at the end.

The whole thing was shot in Saugus Massachusetts in the Community TV studio. At the same time, we shot this interview between Roger and myself, talking about the book. You can watch it below!

Stay Eerie!