It has already been a busy summer here at Feral House and Process Media getting ready for our numerous Fall releases, one of which, we are happy to announce is a print version of the hit web-comic Hipster Hitler. You can see more information and an excerpt below!

A few other updates: did an interview with Mark Edward about Psychic Blues and the past and present state of mentalists which you can listen to HERE!

Mark Edward will be reading and warping minds at this summer’s DragonCon August 30-Sept 3.

The News Star ran a feature on Blood Beneath My Feet, our new title about death investigation, HERE.

The author Joseph Scott Morgan will be reading and discussing his career at Books-A-Millions all over the south this summer and you can see his full schedule HERE! Get first hand information on the CSI jobs as they really are. “This job is a heavy burden to bear. No matter how much science you learn, you can never escape the humanity of it.”

John Zerzan, author of our Spring title Future Primitive Revisited has a weekly radio show ‘Anarchy Radio’ which expands on his anti-civilization views that you can listen to HERE.

Feral House will be tabling at Seattle’s Anarchist Book Fair this summer on August 25th and 26th at the Vera Project in Seattle Center.

Process Media’s latest Self Reliance Series title Get Your Pitchfork On! has an excellent review with Publishers Weekly HERE.

And finally keep your ears and eyes peeled for a few late summer events in the midwest and the bay area for Ritual America and Pure Filth!! More on these to come.


In a competition of the most hated memes of modern times, “Hipster” has now caught up with “Hitler.” Artists James Carr and Archana Kumar thought, why not combine the two? After all, Hitler was indeed a hipster of his time, a failed artist in Vienna scrounging up extra dollars or kroner painting quick architecture scenes for the tourists.

In their heavily trafficked website, “,” these comic artists posit a new sort of history in which Hitler wears Silverlake-trendy glasses, thrift store sweaters, and outspoken T-shirts, and the reader begins to quickly understand the history of Hitler in a new and strangely engaging way.

The Feral House book of Hipster Hitler includes a few dozen pages of comics heretofore unseen online.