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This edition of the Newsletter finds us busy readying new titles for Spring release. And launching a new project. We think you’ll like them. We’re also asking for your participation; what do we want from you? Read on, McDuff!
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 The Feral House Coloring Book Series
Why should kids have all the fun? Studies have shown that coloring in pleasant images is a therapeutic exercise that will reduce stress.  We’re here to help.Feral House is announcing our new series: The Feral House Coloring Book.  The volumes focus on two recently deceased rock n roll icons. The first two are scheduled for fall 2016 release. The first will feature David Bowie, the second, Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead

Interested in being a part of the project? We have an Open Call for art created especially for these coloring books.You can send your proposal or art to editor of this series, Adam Parfrey using the email address, ap@feralhouse.com  Click here to learn more about how to submit your work.

Coming Soon:
Priestess of Morphine, The Lost Writings of Marie-Madeleine in the Time of the Nazis

Priestess of Morphine, The Lost Writings of Marie-Madeleine in the Time of the Nazis

(Process Media, Inc.)

Some stories are beyond belief.


Backlist Titles of Note
It’s easy to laugh at El Chapo. Short guy in a silly shirt betrayed by his own vanity. Yet, before his graceless capture by the Mexican government, Joaquin Guzman successfully lead a multi-billion drug cartel.Just last week, the newly elected mayor of Temixico, Morelos, Gisela Mota was executed by cartel gunman on her 2nd day in office. The news from Mexico has been horrific for years. Northerners have studiously ignored the bloodshed. Dying For The Truth, Undercover Inside The Mexican Drug War is as relevant today as the day it was published and demands your attention.
January has increased the reaper’s tally. We’ve lost David Bowie and Lemmy in the past few weeks. Already, conspiracies surround the death of these icons.What we do know is that many other deaths of famous musicians are rife with unanswered questions and mysterious coincidences.  The Covert War Against Rock unravels the contradictions behind the deaths of our most beloved musicians.
We’d like to be wrong about Islam. But like the current United States version of Christianity, fundamentalism has taken religion by the root and shows no mercy to believers and apostates alike.First published in 2003, Extreme Islam is not a book of opinions nor analysis; it is a compendium of writings from the clerics, philosophers, and writers who have inspired and defined the current jihadis. Ignore at your intellectual peril.

It is with great sadness we learned of the recent death of Mark Ehrman.  His book, Getting Out, Your Guide to Leaving America  was loved by many who used the well-researched facts contained within to begin their own life outside the United States.Our sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

We Need You… To Read Books.
Reviews are a tricky business. We value the opinions of those we respect, yet, instead of engaging thoughtful criticisms, there’s a segment of the population who write book reviews to grind a very specific axe.Hate the author? Give him a 1-star review on Amazon. You’re a Christian? Make sure you slag any books about Atheism on Goodreads.  Disagree with the topic of the book? You know the drill, social justice warriors! Destroy!We miss well-written thoughtful critiques.

Beginning on January 15, 2016, send us a screenshot of a review you’ve written on Amazon or Goodreads for a Feral House or Process Media title. Good or bad, that’s your opinion;.your mission is to make it compelling and interesting. We’ll pick a few of our favorites every month and award those reviewers with a fine selection of Feral House merchandise.

Send to: christina@feralhouse.com

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