Have you ever noticed that raw foodists are slim and filled with energy? Is this a fact, or a simple coincidence about the type of person drawn to the raw food regime?

Why is it that I so rarely hear raw foodies complain of being tired? Are they a cult?

The raw food consumers I know can have a vitality that at times seems annoying. I mean, don’t they ever calm down, get some sleep?

I know from personal experience that If I start my day with a smoothy made of leafy and root vegetables in addition to Granny Smith apples, I’m perked up for half a day. But as the evening arrives I think about all those tasty comestibles that aren’t necessarily raw.

How difficult is it to change one’s diet to become mostly or altogether raw? Could I get enough protein? Could I fill myself up in a satisfying way?

I’ve tested myself by publishing Raw Magic: Superfoods for Superpeople, written by none other than the UK raw food superstar Kate Magic. And Kate reveals in this book that we can access far more vitamins and proteins the raw vegetarian way than with the usual manner of feeding ourself. And yes, “Magic” is Kate’s actual surname.

With this particular book, published by our Process Media company, we’ve got the manual, we’ve got the way.

So for the next month I’m going to test myself. Can I feel “filled” with the raw menus? Can I access all needed protein? What will become of me? Will I become a jittery hippie raw food advocate?

Well, we’re going to try to go the way written in the Raw Magic book. The recipes look pretty damn good.

And so my thoughts of not being “filled” with veggies alone are going to be tested the coming month or two.

Then we’ll report back. Anyone want to try this jaunt with me?