“HelL.A.” has beckoned us down once again, and hopefully for only the duration of this business trip.

This ongoing love/hate relationship has offered me so much, that even when the scales tipped to hate, there’s a lot of love in that as well. “HelL.A.” was the name of a weekly column I wrote for The San Diego Reader for nearly five years. Hollywood was also a provider, and perhaps will continue to be. And who can forget the ill-gotten gains for creepy articles written for Larry Flynt’s magazines.

This is also the land of an amazing storybook home that held dozens of Feral House and Process salons.

This time down, we’re delighted to be working with master designer Sean Tejaratchi on the Ritual America project, and more than that, “taking meetings” with producers and agents regarding a possible HBO television series based on Big Dead Place, and feature films based on Lords of Chaos, The Octopus, and Sex and Rockets. Are they going to happen? I know well enough not to put too many eggs in those baskets. But who knows? It’s happened before.

And a day before departure, on Saturday evening, September 3, we are pleased to attend the public celebration of The Encyclopaedia of Hell at “The Second Happiest Place on Earth,” the pop culture bonanza known as Soap Plant/La Luz de Jesus in the Los Feliz area. Author/Satanic transcriber Martin Olson will be there to sign his extraordinary godforsaken tome, designed by none other than Craphound’s Sean Tejaratchi and illustrated by Tony Millionaire and Mahendra Singh. (We do expect special guests to arrive that evening.)

You can find out more about the event here, and more about The Encyclopaedia of Hell here. An extract for your reading (dis)pleasure is below.