Combine the two most hated memes of modern times, and you get “Hipster Hitler,” the delightful online comic that will now appear in book format, and it’s just getting back from the printer. (You’ll be able to purchase Hipster Hitler from the Feral House website weeks before it’s available on

You can see the comic strip at, but please know that the book contains a great deal more than can be seen online, including Hitler’s own Moleskine notebook drawings and pages about yet another troubled leader, Broseph Stalin. View more about the book HERE!

Feral House now also offers American Apparel-quality Hipster Hitler t-shirts for men and women in all sizes. What does it say? THREE REICHS AND YOU’RE OUT! Buy it HERE.

* * * *

Mark Edward, author of Psychic Blues was on Coast to Coast last night discussing how psychic scams are perpetrated on the public at large. He reveals the techniques of cold reading, muscle reading, and the scattershot, all used to glean “psychic” information from a client. You can listen to the show on Coast to Coast’s site HERE.