Hello, Fiends!
July is bringing the hot this summer. A hot that fuels tempers, skimpy clothing, and madness. Go on, give yourself over to the will of Sol Invictus and go crazy from the heat.Have questions? Need answers? Send us a note at info@feralhouse.com.
The Grand Guignol of Paris is Here to Shock You!


Feral House is proud to re-introduce you to the Grand Guignol.  Located in Paris, this 283 seat theater was the home to most outrageous spectacles presented on stage. Sex! Violence! Death!  All created and performed to instill fear in all who viewed it.  For anyone who thinks that the fascination with watching escalating blood and gore is a late Twentieth Century phenomenon, the Grand Guignol will be a horrifying revelation.First published in 1988, Theatre of Fear and Horror-The Grisly Spectacle of the Grand Guignol of Paris 1897-1962 is a comprehensive history of the Grand Guignol written by University of California-Berkley professor, Mel Gordon.  More than just a narrative history, Theatre of Fear and Horror is filled with set photographs and advertising art. The expanded edition also contains two rare Grand Guignol scripts (Orgy in the Lighthouse) and hundreds of plot summaries.

Theatre of Fear and Horror is essential reading for those interested in French culture, theater history, and of course, those with a taste for the macabre.


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Alice Bag is Back!


Are you paying attention to Alice Bag? She’s watching all of us.  She regaled us with tales of Punk LA (and her Latinx personal history) in 2011’s Violence Girl. Now, forty years after The Bags and her incendiary exclamation point of a performance in The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization, Alice has released a new album.Alice writes songs that retain their intensity yet show an astute critical eye toward modern culture. Feminism, misogyny, racism, all of it are blasted by Alice’s fierce and focused voice.  Give it a listen below.Have your read Violence Girl? What are you waiting for?


We’ve tried.  Swear to dog, We Have Tried.  We’ve tried to make light of the current Presidential elections by recommending books and making snarky comments.  We’ve also tried taking this process seriously. We’ve voted and let you know about the inherent corruption in our political system. But we’re tired. So here’s the new idea, from Miss Dolly Parton herself.
We had hope when we heard that Loretta Lynn had been nominated for Attorney General. Or course, that turned out to be Loretta Lynch. What a difference the Coal Miner’s Daughter would have made! So now, our hopes lie entirely between Dolly’s ample bosom. Save us, Dolly!

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The first two editions of the Feral House Coloring Book are at the printer.  They’re great because of the contributions of diverse artists from all over the globe. The David Bowie: Color The Starman was drawn by Philadelphia designer Brian McManus.  Just like the Lemmy Kilmister: Color The Ace of Spades image gracing the cover of our 2016 catalog below (by UK artist Aiden Cook), the books are filled with incredible drawings from established artists  like Tony Millionaire and Mike Diana and emerging artists like Mica O’Herlihy and Jason Atomic. Both coloring books will be available for purchase for the holiday season, but if you just can’t wait, you can pre-order them here and here.


2016 Catalogs Are Here!



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