Feral Friday opens this lovely Fall day with an excerpt from the Holy Writ of The Process Church — namely the Lord Jehovah’s discourse on War:

“I bring you WAR: WAR as you have never known it, killing as you have never seen it, destruction as you have never felt it, devastation as you have never imagined it.

“It is your promised destiny: WARS to end all WARS: WARS that shall leave no land for WARS to be fought upon, that shall leave no hand to fight nor heart to yearn for struggle: WARS that shall cause the earth itself to rise and smite the ‘insects’ that disturb its peaceful orbit.

“And nothing can now turn the tide. Presume not to reverse the pattern you have demanded and been granted. It is inevitable. And JEHOVAH’S mighty hand shall be behind the great tremblings of the Latter Days.

“For my wrath is beyond the fury of the volcano, My anger above the shrieking of the hurricane, and My devastation far outside the limits of the earthquake. All mankind at once shall know the terror of My coming, and the earth shall be filled with My glory.

“The eyes of the blind shall be opened. The tongues of those who are dumb shall be loosed.

“The hearts of those who feel nothing shall melt, and the hearts of those who lived shall be turned to stone.

“The weak shall be strong, and the strong shall wither away.

“The rational man shall babble lunacy, and the virtuous man shall steep himself in vice.

“The sick shall rise from their beds, and the corpses from their tombs. The kings and governors shall kneel before the hungry and the homeless.

“The whole earth shall be turned upside down and the sea shall cover the land.

“For My Word shall run loose upon the world and the world shall cower at My presence.

“And be not delude. There shall be no reprieve.

“For I, JEHOVAH, am resolved and My Word is law amongst the stars and upon the earth.

“For I am the GOD of all the Universe, and the earth is My footstool.”

Now—amongst the rampant political idiocy, don’t you wish that Jehovah be revealed as our leader, as spiteful and brutal as He seems?

“The Gods on War,” which includes End Time pronouncements of the Lord Lucifer and the Lord Satan, is included within the new Feral House publication, Propaganda and Holy Writ of The Process Church of The Final Judgment, which also includes full size and in all color, the three greatest and rarest magazines released by the apocalyptic Process Church—the Sex Issue, the Fear Issue, and the Death issue. This book also includes a conversation with the magazines’ designer Timothy Wyllie, and the ability to download readings of The Gods on War by Lydia Lunch (as Lord Satan), Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (as Lord Lucifer), and Adam Parfrey (as Lord Jehovah). Check ‘em out and download from www.feralhouse.com