Today we’re announcing a special deal in which we’ll be providing throughout the entire month of July 2015 a free ebook with every purchase of Art Chantry Speaks, so you’ll be able to read this amazing title either as a physical book or on your laptop, desktop computer, smartphone or Kindle device.


This physical and ebook combo will be an ongoing special featuring a new title every month.


Please keep in mind, dear readers, that most Feral House and Process Media publications, as they feature many photos or illustrations, are designed for an offset-printed book, and not for phones and other electronic devices. So decisions made regarding the trim size of the book or where certain images appear within cannot be replicated on an iPhone or Kindle. Nonetheless, it could be nice to tote around these books on your handy electronic device.


In Art Chantry’s heretical history of 20th Century Design you’ll be getting extraordinary ideas and lessons that would never appear in any fussy Fine Arts course, and to better implement those, hundreds of color images are included. Chantry is of course an influential designer on his own, and will be making appearances in Tacoma, Portland and elsewhere, but the first one is at Fantagraphics’ retail store in the Georgetown area of Seattle next Saturday on July 11. Mark your calendars! Here’s a post about it:


To view an excerpt from Art’s book, see him speak on a video trailer, and to be able to purchase the physical book that provides you the free ebook, go here:


We also want to thank all the librarians that Monica Rochester and I were able to meet and speak with at last week’s American Library Association convention in San Francisco! Thanks so much for all your interest in Feral stuff!


BTW, new at the store is a Feral House tote bag, t-shirts, and sterling silver Process Church trouser-ripper rings!