Last year we celebrated the pre-Roman Lupercalia festival at Wacko / Soap Plant / La Luz de Jesus, and boy did we have some fun, particularly in company with Faunus, the Horned God. This year, Feral House returns for another Lupercalia festival next Friday the 13th of February.
This time we’re exhibiting signed original photographs of the amazing William Mortensen. The f/64 club is now losing ground to Mortensen’s renewed reputation… Ansel Adams must be turning in his grave.
Available at Soap Plant will be a number of Feral House books including the two new Mortensen books that have sold well and have accumulated amazing reviews and features. Now you’ll able to see his work in person and get first printing copies of American Grotesque: The Life and Art of William Mortensen and The Command to Look. Also appearing, signing and speaking are the books’ editors, Larry Lytle and Michael Moynihan. Feral House’s Monica Rochester and Adam Parfrey will also be present. We’ll tell you about all our ungodly new books for the year.
I’m told that refreshments will be available, and I look forward to seeing all our friends! Visit the La Luz site here for more details!