Feral House’s collection of original Funnyman comic storyboards will be going on display for the first time at the American Jewish Museum in Pittsburg.

Read more about the Feral House publication Siegel and Shuster’s Funnyman here.

Read the director of AJM’s introduction here: AJM_Funnyman_Activity_Sheet

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Super Silly!
Superman Creators’ Funnyman Fights Crime with Shtick

January 10–March 28, 2012
Fine Perlow Weis Gallery
The Anna L. and Irene V. Caplan Exhibit


Photo Gallery


Opening Reception: January 14, 6 pm
Jews, Humor and Funnyman presentation by Funnyman expert Mel Gordon, UC Berkeley
Reception sponsored by Miriam and Jim Leib


Press Release 


A buffoonish crime fighter who uses wit and gags for weapons, Funnyman is the antithesis of noble Superman. Ironically, not only were both created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster but the duo created Funnyman on the heels of Superman. Made in theirs and actor Danny Kaye’s image, Funnyman’s Jewishness comes from an inherent essence rather than from Jewish characteristics derived from stereotypes. On display for the first time ever, Super Silly is comprised of 50 original Funnyman comic storyboards.