Is it possible that I stare at my laptop long enough every day to have become uncomfortable with the task of looking at printed newspapers and books?

Does it matter that images are reproduced much more sharply on a book than a computer screen?

Has it made much of a difference to the public-at-large that listening to an MP3 file rather than a live performance is like listening to sewage in a tunnel rather than a rushing river?

Like many other publishers, Feral House and Process Media don’t want to appear like killjoys and have given into the ebook hype. Many of our titles are now available for a wide variety of E-Book devices in formats like ePub, PDF and Kindle-friendly PRCs. And the selling point of the Kindle and other devices is the ability of the reader to reformat their reading material, which is all well and good for text-only books, but for tomes meticulously formatted by designers for printed books, the ebooks can look crushingly wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, it makes perfect sense to have some ebook device for the purpose of wasting one’s time on throw-away novels, or often changing travel guides. Better bits and bytes than crushed trees for this sort of thing. It makes sense to me that the best-selling ebooks are genre fiction: romances, mysteries, detective novels.

Does anyone know or care that supposedly innovative and progressive Apple corporation refuses to carry ebooks like Feral House’s Voluptuous Panic, which can otherwise be found in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum? Perhaps that’s all for the best. The 9 x 12 sized Voluptuous Panic should really be seen in printed offset form.

I’m curious to see when people finally give up on the antiquated form of the printed book.