Summer is officially in full swing out here at Feral Acres! Last year our Raspberry bush produced multiple pie-loads with left overs to share and this year the sucker is even more fruitful. It is also proving difficult to keep up with all of our lettuces and kale, though this is not the worst problem to have. The kale goes great in the juicer and as we are currently putting together Process Media’s winter release (and our first cook book!) Raw Magic, we have some great juice recipes on hand for inspiration.

Unfortunately, we cannot share our raspberries with everyone so we will instead share an excerpt from the latest installment in our Self Reliance Series Get Your Pitchfork On! The Real Dirt on Country Livingwhich will give you the whole shake down on making and canning jam from your own harvest.

Canning 101!

And of course after you’ve harvested, or canned, or juiced there is bound to be some left over scraps so in the name of sustainability we also wanted to share this how-to on making your own compost bin from found/recycled materials that was written by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen, the authors of another Self Reliance book The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to Self-Sufficient Living in the Heart of the City.

Recycled Compost Bin, here’s how!

We hope everyone is enjoying the season! Feel free to share any exciting updates from your urban homestead or country life.