Feral House had its furtive origins in the most crime-ridden streets of “Between C & D” New York City and Hoboken, New Jersey back in the early to mid-’80s. The buildings in which Amok Press and Exit magazine were created are now partly submerged under polluted seawater.

The desperate and ephemeral sense of those streets added to what became Apocalypse Culture which was first created there.

We dedicate this Feral Friday to the efforts of my friends over at Norton Records in Brooklyn. If you’re in the New York area at this time, and are able to, please assist Miriam Linna (who co-edited the Feral House book Sin-A-Rama about the sleaze sex paperbacks of the ’60s) and Billy Miller to save what can be saved of pop culture and rock’n’roll history from their water-damaged warehouse. This damage is discussed in the Village Voice HERE.

East Coasters can assist Norton by providing a vehicle and physical help to get wet boxes from a Red Hook warehouse to Norton headquarters in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Ways to get in touch with Norton is to email them [nortonrec@aol.com] or call the office landline (718) 789-4428 or Billy’s cell phone (917) 671-7185. They request not to leave messages, but to try until you reach either Miriam or Billy.