You know The Process Church? The ’60s cult with the dark robes, extreme opinions, crazy magazines and reputations as mass murderers? The cult that promoted the image of a well-groomed leader that looked like Christ’s older brother but was actually run by a charismatic ex-hooker? The cult that so pissed-off Ed Sanders of The Fugs that he wrote mean things about the cult and his publisher was forced to settle a lawsuit… Then there was a so-called “true crime” book called The Ultimate Evil maintaining that The Process Church killed people from coast to coast decades after The Process Church disbanded and turned in their Goats of Mendes patches for Jesus-inspired faith healing?

Books like this made it difficult to track down the true story behind The Process Church, but then after we spoke to and transcribed interviews from a baker’s dozen of the group we decided to issue “The Inside Story” in a book called LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH, its title influenced by the famous issues of The Process Church thematic magazines that became crazily collectible in recent decades, selling for as much as one thousand dollars per issue when you were lucky enough to find a copy.

So we follow up last years LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH with a book called Propaganda and Holy Writ of The Process Church of The Final Judgment which contains the Sex, Fearand Death issues in actual sizes of the originals, and also includes the text by The Omega of The Gods on War. Purchasers of the book, a full color hardcover tome limited to only 1,200 copies, will also be able to download recordings of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge reading Lucifer, Adam Parfrey reading Jehovah, and Lydia Lunch pinch-hitting for Satan. Timothy Wyllie recorded The Omega’s conclusive explanatory text as well. The book itself also contains an unorthodox conversation between Wyllie and Parfrey on the oddments surrounding The Process Church.

You can find the book on Feral House’s site here:

Since this is a limited edition you might want to get in on the action before it sells out. As It Is. So Be It.