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We’re thinking pleasant and refreshing thoughts as we move through the newly green grasses. Spring is fully manifest and we are reminded of the duality of nature; cute while gently born and bloody raging in the throes of death.
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Sneaky Peeks!
What does it mean when we re-issue a book?  
Our first edition of Sin-A-Rama was published 12 years ago.  We love this book. (At least 25% of the Feral Staff collect vintage pulp titles.)  In the decade since its original release, we discovered that the secondary market for SIn-A-Rama has grown out of control. $150 for a copy on Ebay?! Really!We couldn’t let you get gouged like that.In revisiting Sin-A-Rama, we also realized that we had more great material to include. Look for new chapters: Swinging Sleaze and Highlights from Occult Sleaze.  And the image above?  It’s the cover we always wanted for Sin-A-Rama but in 2004 our distributor clutched their collective pearls and fainted dead away.The  expanded edition of Sin-A-Rama will be in bookstores June 2016. (But do read the May Newsletter; we just might have an early release sale for our favorite fiends.)
We asked. You answered!
A few months ago we announced our initial two titles in the Feral House Coloring Book Series, David Bowie-Color the Starman and Lemmy Kilmister-Color the Ace of Spades.  We also asked you to send us your best black line drawings to be included in the books.
You sent in some truly amazing illustrations. (Some of you sent us terrible things that made us laugh aloud but are no way in hell getting used; just so you know it wasn’t all sunshine and unicorns.)    Watch this space for future Calls For Art.The Feral House Coloring Books will be available for purchase Fall 2016.
Congratulations to our cover artists, Brian McManus (Bowie) and Aiden Cook (Lemmy).
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Backlist Titles of Note
Spotlight on: Process Media Self-Reliance Series
This Process Media title is much more than meets the eye.  Anyone who has taken their hand to tilling the earth knows that the it takes more than luck. Most farmers say that it takes a lifetime to ‘learn your dirt’.  From our earliest days as humans, we’ve been trying to figure out. Shamanic Gardening takes a closer look at the so-called primitive concepts of nurturing plants. From the bio-dynamic methods set down to Rudolf Steiner to Thomas Jefferson’s extensive notes on plant behaviors, this book distills that knowledge into practical advice.
The general trend in food writing has been to highlight the benefits of eating locally-grown and raised foodstuffs. But that’s where it ends. If you’re a product of the ‘better living through chemistry’ generation, you have no idea how to even begin to change your habits.  The Natural Kitchen is the missing link.  Author Deborah Eden Tull explores every step you need to take to revitalize your pantry and make healthy choices.
Nutritionists and longevity experts now agree that one of the best choices you can make for your personal health and the health of the planet is to reduce the amount of artificially processed foods we consume. Making small changes to your diet can have dramatically positive effects.  We’re not telling you to become a full-on vegan glutard, but integrating a few raw and vegan meals per week is something we can do to help our planet. Raw Magic explains the science of eating raw foods and recipes to get you started.
This month’s selection of our informal ‘Electoral Book Club” is the latest from Anarcho-primitivist philosopher, John Zerzan.  Why Hope? The Stand Against Civilization.  As the political circus continues to blight our landscape, Zerzan’s message of alternates to our current state resonates with nihilistic vigor.
Life is good. Take your favorite Feral book to brunch.

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