Harvard, there’s no institution higher.

My pharmacist grandad gave me his threadbare set of Harvard Classics, a 51 volume set of the basic texts of Western Civilization, to teach me the basics of a liberal education.

The current president and his probable Republican competitor were both graduates of the renowned Cambridge MA school.

So was Theodore J. Kaczynski, otherwise known as The Unabomber. Feral House released his collection of anti-technology meditations under the title Technological Slavery.

Ted and his book got a huge media explosion the past week due to release of an alumni directory. Feral House is mentioned in Time magazine, among many other publications. Oh, the mass media flipout, the outrage!

Further, Ted and Technological Slavery editor David Skrbina are featured in a lengthy article in the major academic publication, The Chronicle Review: HERE

Also a reminder here to our Feral friends in the Northwest to catch my slide show about Ritual America 7 pm tonight at Elliott Bay Bookstore in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. View the Facebook event HERE. Bring your curiosity or outrage.