Voluptuous Panic is the first book we will offer directly from our website in eBook formats fit for most any reader (Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc.).

For Apple users this should be exciting news as Steve Jobs banned the Voluptuous Panic eBook for the iPad despite the titles presence in the New York Metropolitan Museum.

For Kindle users this is great news because Feral House will be offering all eBook versions of the book for $15 as opposed to Amazon’s $20.

We will begin offering many of our titles in eBook form direct from our website in the future including other banned titles like Suicide Girls.

Get the eBook HERE!

Voluptuous Panic is simultaneously appalling and thrilling, repellent and seductive, grotesque and gorgeous—not a coffee table book. It would go better with absinthe drunk from a human skull.”
— Gary MeyerClean Sheets