Some of my fraternal friends seemed to get upset with a Facebook post of mine in which I called attention to two recent events: one in which a murderous Mexican meth gang called themselves Knights Templar, and fashioned themselves in Templar robes, and another in which the rampaging Norwegian bomber-gunman named Ander Breivik thought of himself as being a latter-day Knights Templar who promoted the idea of a new Templar Crusade against leftists, and once they’ve been dealt with, then Muslims internationally would be the next target.

Justin Hampton, who so nicely wrote about a New York Process Church event for Artforum magazine, voiced concern that posts like mine would be a magnet for conspiracy jackasses like Alex Jones, and fraternal orders would in turn become victimized.

Certainly I do not wish to see any Knights Templar brothers see persecution as the result of a moron acting out against them. I do believe that 99.99 percent of Knights Templar who march around in Commanderies across the country, are nothing but sweet and generous citizens. That said, we must wonder what attracts these recent mass murderers to the Templar concept, and why the Templars—noted by most historians for murdering Muslims and Jews, and occupying (or reoccupying) their land—are worthy of celebrating as part of Masonic ritual. It should also be mentioned that many Masons take on a revisionist stance of the Crusades, including the Children’s Crusades.

Other respondents to my Facebook posts insist that murderers’ attraction to the Templar story is due to the exploitative writing of Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown.

We remain intrigued by this perhaps coincidental explosion of Knights Templar murder and look forward to how it all develops.