Saturday, August 13 at 7 – 9 pm at the normally benighted town known as Los Angeles, Maja D’Aoust, my lovely co-author of “The Secret Source” (coming soon in a new hardcover edition), and beloved ex-mate Jodi Wille, will be presenting at Cinefamily (formerly the Silent Movie Theatre) at 611 N. Fairfax Ave., an evening of film and discussion titled SEASON OF THE WITCH.

Yes, I know, summer in Los Angeles is not a particularly witch-friendly season, but I’m sure Maja and Jodi’s presentation will recast summer’s spell in addition to striking down the malevolent patriarchal curse of the ages.

If I weren’t getting this monster book called Ritual America together for the printer, I’d be there, particularly for a screening of Curtis Harrington’s Wormwood Star starring Jack Parsons’ elemental witch mate, Cameron. Brian “Black Magick” Butler (in contrast to the evening’s White Witch theme) is bringing in and discussing this film—and a new print, I’m told.

Here’s one of Cameron’s magickal conjurations:

Dark Star, I seek you in all the endless rooms of the universe

I have entered the maze of chaos and searched the promise of no end and no fulfillment

But I have seen your helmeted head flashing gold from the bloody triumphs and sunsets of the world

I have heard your voice singing lovely songs of desire in the world womb

I remember the artistry of fingers that held the rose in wonder

Your musical flute sounding the hymn of love seeking since the birth in the crashing star nebulae

Singing limbs of muscle and star-foam pursued and pursuing

Radiant Warrior, how long?

Beloved God, how long?

How long, how long?