What compels someone to reject the contemporary world? Is it a flash of epiphany or an erosion of faith in the future that causes someone make a conscious decision to leave the modern world behind for another, older version of life?

Next week, a friend will pack tools, clothing, and her dog into a car and drive off to the desert. Her daughter purchased a ghost town. I’ve seen the pictures. It’s a beautiful, terrible expanse of broken buildings without a lick of running water. The ladies plan on living there for the next few months. They’re currently reading and finding useful information in Alain Saury’s Back to the Wild.

Another Feral House author, John Zerzan, is most often described as an Anarcho-Primitivist philosopher. What does that mean? Zerzan’s philosophies are meditations on how our current definitions of modernity serve to suppress the true nature of humankind. Zerzan’s newest book, Why Hope?, addresses the issues of living a primitive life in this modern world. It gives us reasoning and methods on how to live within our values. The Earth First! folks are reading their copy right now.

Zerzan and Saury both speak of the arrogance of humans. We are narcissistic animals; we look to subjugate everyone and everything near us. Saury in the ‘60s and Zerzan today express similar sentiments. If we are to thrive, if we are to become truly human, we need to understand our true place in the world.

Feral founder Adam Parfrey spent a few days in Salem, Massachusetts last week presenting the photographic work of William Mortensen along with his research on American secret brotherhoods. The Mortensen prints will be available for sale at the Salem Art Gallery (http://www.obscenology.com/); do have a look if you’re in the area.

During the event, a young couple, Emily and James Porazzo, presented themselves. They’ve launched an Internet campaign in response to the arrogance of humanity demanding more and more. They’re calling it: #nolivesmatter.

My friends Linda and Eileen head off to no-man’s land in a few days. They’re strong women confident in their survival skills because they’ve lived a life honing them. That’s true survival. To learn and understand enough about our planet and all the living creatures that we can thrive wherever we choose to reside, be it city or wild. SLUG Magazine said it beautifully about Back to the Wild: “The work is too near comprehensive to ignore—when time grays my features and I set out for the bosom of our Great Mother, Back to the Wild will be at my side.”