Some books inspire us enough not to let them lie fallow, and we incorporate new editions with fresh and exciting material. To celebrate the arrival of two new books from the printer, we are offering buyers a $5 discount on either or both of them.

One is the biography by Los Angeles Times staffer Louis Sahagun about the extraordinary Manly Palmer Hall, the man who singlehandedly introduced Americans to Western (and Eastern) esoterica in dozens of books, including “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” and at his Philosophical Research Society.  Mr. Hall had followers like Bela Lugosi and long time LA mayor Sam Yorty. The famous Father Yod of the Source family cult / commune also consulted with the occult scholar.

The new edition of Master of the Mysteries includes material on Manly Hall’s niece, who introduced her famous uncle to cocaine and how it was dealt.  The new edition also includes correspondence between Manly and his long-time love, and the strangest notions taken on by the Source family, including the burial of potatoes endowed with spermatozoa and female sexual excretions. (The Burpee seed company was never the same…)

And we also present a greatly expanded edition of the Feral House book about ‘60s sleaze literature, Sin-a-Rama. Today, Dangerous Minds presents a feature article about our beloved title:

If anyone wishes to own either or both of these two titles, you will receive a $5 discount for them today if you order them from