The past few weeks have been particularly busy up here in the rural realm of Feral Acres. Sometimes it’s difficult to conceive how one could run a publishing company miles outside a tiny town in the Northerly reaches of Washington state known for its surrounding waterways, wooden shipbuilding, and Victorian style buildings. Tourist-friendly sure, but not the usual urban center amenable for a business like book publishing.

Fortunately jet flights from Sea-Tac airport, internet reception, Fed Ex, UPS and mail service allows Feral House and Process Media to play in the bigger game, and we rent a storage building to house extra books from the man who once ran the now-defunct mail order book distribution operation known as Loompanics.

So we’re able to wander forest trails with our husky-wolf mix dog and look at Canadian islands from local cliffs as we invent the most stimulating back cover copy for books one would run across in stores across the country.

But coyotes, bobcats, buck deer, trees and high winds don’t care much about publishing concerns, and yesterday a deer got inside the civilized perimeter of my fenced-off vegetable garden, and a cruel scene presented itself when the deer killed itself in its efforts to climb outside the fenced area.

Recent weeks also saw the abrupt sadness of the passing of friends, the latest one being Bill Rosendahl, a Los Angeles City Councilman who earlier hosted a cable talk show on which I spoke of It’s a Man’s World, Men’s Adventure Magazines, The Postwar Pulps, a book designed by our mutual friend Hedi el Kholti, who runs the remarkable Semiotext(e) Books, and who also laid-out several Feral House releases, including the new Sin-A-Rama: Sleaze Sex Paperbacks of the Sixties, Expanded Edition…. We’re quite excited by the explosive look of the new Sin-A-Rama and all its never-before seen adult material.

We’re reminded that Feral House and Process Media books concern extremely urban material when we see an outstanding write-up by Michael Nirenberg on Huffington Post on Huffington Post about our recent release Priestess of Morphine:

The question remains: Where can we get morphine in this cruel rural landscape as we pay a guy $75 to remove a bleeding deer carcass?